1 Oct 2015

How To Look Classy When You're A Basic Bitch

Look like you've got your shit together, as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Some people excel at that pulled together, sophisticated, classy - let's just say it, altogether 'Grown-Up' look. I am not one of those people. I'm the girl fumbling in her bag for her oyster card while spilling that mornings diet coke (I just don't LIKE coffee, ok?) all down her tee-shirt and jeans combo. Oh and I've probably got toothpaste around my mouth.

Luckily adulthood is something easily faked with makeup. This Clarins combo is a refreshingly easy way to look pulled together when in reality you've got 67p left in your ISA.

Let's start with the eyes. I swept the ombre matte eyeshadow in Heather into the eye socket and around the outer corner to create a subtle smokey effect. Next up is their Crayon Khol in Carbon Black (what a dramatic name) which was used to create an exaggerated feline flick. If you go wrong at this point, cotton buds are your saviour (or if you really don't got your shit together, the corner of a folded up tissue...c'mon we've all been there). A slick of Rouge Eclat in Juicy Clementine finishes the look.

See, so easy even I managed it. Perfect for after work drinks when you want to impress, or dinner with your BF's parents, or nights in alone drinking red wine and pretending you're so so fancy.

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  1. You look gorgeous, definitely pulled together.

    I feel you on the 67p left in your ISA haha

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. Awesome eyeshadow! Love that you did this look on a budget. It does look classy.


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