28 Jul 2015

Easy styling for 3-day hair when you cba

Because everyone has a lazy day

There's always at least one point in your life/month/week (delete as appropriate t your level of laziness) when you just really can't be arsed to wash your hair. C'mon guys, we've all been there. 

Here's an easy simple style that literally takes 2 minutes.

What you'll need:

Dry Shampoo
Hair grips
No sense of shame in leaving the house without washing your hair

Step 1:
Dry shampoo the shit out of your hair

Step 2:
Deep side part and start braiding, along your hairline, grabbing extra sections of hair as you go.

Step 3:
Clippy clip clip

Step 4:
Braid the opposite side of your hair and clip

Step 5:
Grab any annoying straggly bits and 'fold' them under the braids, securing with a clip.

Step 6:
Relish in tricking everyone into thinking your a well-rounded adult who didn't wake up too late to wash your hair.

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