14 May 2015

The Bronzer that's almost to pretty to use

There's something about "pretty" looking cosmetics that get even the straight-laced beauty obsessives all up in a tiz.
 I can talk about ingredients, tones and pigmentation till the cows come home, but all that's really going through my head is a high pitched squeal of "IT'S SO PRETTY"

Which is in a nutshell how I feel about the Elizabeth Arden Sunkissed Pearls Bronzer and Highlighter, but I'm going to try and contain myself in aid of an informative review.

Lets talk basics: Two shades of bronzer, one light, one dark, and a pearly pink highlight shade in a beautiful shell/pearls embossed pattern. There's also a cute little brush attached, but I pretty much ditched that immediately in favour of my Real Techniques Sculpting Set

The powders themselves are really soft, and blend really easily into the skin. This might be because of the inclusion of Vitamin E and Argan Oil - which we all know makes skin soft, soft, soft!

Colour wise, it's a very subtle bronze and highlight, meaning darker skin tones might not notice much difference. You can use all three shades seperatly; or, my favourite, swish them all together on your brush for an amazing "sun kissed" glow (Hence the name!)

Ok, and now I've got the serious stuff out the way - SERIOUSLY HOW PRETTY?!?!?!

Are there any products that you love because of the way they look? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Wow I agree that is so pretty!
    I love any sort of cheek product and now I seriously want this.
    Rosy | sparklesoflight76.blogspot.co.uk

  2. It is a very pretty product. I wonder how would it work with sensitive skin. Find me at http://www.igaberry.com/ & https://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/igaberry-13323143 Have a lovely day, Iga x

  3. That is so pretty - almost too pretty to use
    I have never really worn bronzer as I don't think it really suits my skin tone...
    Laura x


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