23 Apr 2015

The Longwear Lipstick That *Actually* Stays Put

The days of re-application are long gone

Us girls, we don't ask for much do we? As far as lippie goes, all I want is a nice nourishing formulation, vibrant colour - and most importantly - I don't want to faff around with re-applying every hour. 

Thanks to Clinique, I think I've found my winning product. 

The new Lip Pop Colour and Prime, while being a bit of a mouthful to say, is one of those products you find yourself being able to leave at home after the first application - because you just won't need another. Good news if you're a girl like me, who has about 60 products scattered between handbangs, the desk, and boyfs house.

Formulation-wise, it's totally moisturising thanks to it's 2-in-1 colour and primer wizardry, as well as containing Shea butter, which works like magic for dry lips. The collection has an epic 16 shades - but here's my faves...

Nude Pop

Cherry Pop

Berry Pop

Have you tried the Clinique Lip Pop and Prime? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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