11 Apr 2015

Meet the hair saviour you didn't know you needed

This is a brand you NEED to know about...

A few weeks ago I dragged myself along to Selfridges at rush hour on a weekday night. Not because I wanted to torture myself by trying to get through all the commuters on Oxford Street - there was a new beauty pop-up even I was willing to push through the crowds to get to.

Nexxus isn't a brand us Brits will have heard of before. They're a NY based brand, who's aim is to get us all having healthy, balanced, beautiful hair - the triple threat that's mostly just a myth to us mere mortals. The unicorn of the hair world, if you will.

However, Nexxus seem to have cracked it. They're packing their products full of protein - which if you aren't so clued up on the sciency bit -  is one of the key ingredients to happy hair. There's a 100% elastin protein in their ranges, which will help hair repair and make it more resilient to damage! Have I got your attention yet?

To celebrate their launch in the UK, they had a week-long pop up at Selfridges to celebrate, where if you were lucky enough to blag a spot, you'd get your hair 'diagnosed' by Nexxus' Global hair creative director, Kevin Mancuso (and let me tell you, this guy really knows his hair.) Kevin has helped create a whole new bunch of products for Nexxus, so it was a real privilege to have him recommend my regime for me.

I was given the Nutritive Shampoo and Conditioner, as well as the Encapsulate Serum - and with strict instructions from Kevin that I need to be washing my hair everyday and cutting down on the straighteners. I groaned a bit at that, as my hair is SO thick and a hassle to blow-dry and style I try to put it off as often as I can - seriously, I can do wonders with dry shampoo. But let me tell you, I've been true to my word, and have washed my hair religiously since getting this stuff..

And it has worked wonders! My hair is so much more healthy looking now, and even others (aka my Mum when I went home for Easter break) have even noticed a difference. It seems to be growing faster too (thanks to all that lovely protein) and it's so much easier to dry and style. The jewel of the range has to be the Encapsulate Serum. As well as all that elastin protein it has coconut oil to condition. It's such a light serum and with instantly noticeable effects, I've taken to carrying it round in my handbag lest I ever wash my hair without it. I've even shafted the dry shampoo!

The Nexxus range is available exclusively to Selfridges

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  1. I've been looking for new haircare products, I'll need to give this a try!

    Emma x


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