28 Apr 2015

Fake a good night's sleep with Aerin's Eyelight Concealer

For when there just aren't enough hours in the night...

I love sleeping. It's my favourite thing to do. Whether it's grabbing a twenty minute snooze, danger-napping on the bus, or getting under the covers an hour earlier for some extra zzzz's, I'm sold. But sometimes there literally isn't enough time in the world for me to feel awake when that alarm goes off at 8am.

But now, I can at least LOOK awake, even when the most venti black coffee in the world fails to stop me from yawning. Aerin's 'Eyelight' (geddit?!?) concealer has literally covered up the most obnoxious of shadows under my eyes for the past month or so, and it's earned itself a spot in my must-have morning routine. It's a really light texture that packs a punch when it comes to coverage, so much so that I can actually use it without foundation, which pretty much makes it a winner both in and on my eyes.

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