19 Feb 2015

The next big thing in Contour

If 2014 was the year we discovered contouring, 2015 is the year of new and innovative ways to do it...
Clinique are kicking things off in the right way with their Contour and Highlight Chubby Sticks. Who doesn't love a chubby? They've changed the contour game with their ease of application, blendability and simplicity. For those of you who are new to the trend, this is a great duo to start off with.

A creamy texture in  stick forms, this reminds me of Nars Multiple, but with a far healthier price tag. The pencil-like format means that you can get really precise with the application - so those chiselled cheekbones can 'actually' be a reality. When I first saw the darkness of the contour shade, I did get quite a shock - but it blends SO easily into the skin for a natural look. 

These have gained a permanent spot in my make-up routine, and are especially great for if you're in a rush and you just want something quick, easy - and most importantly - something that works.



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  1. Oooh! I've been really thinking of learning more about contouring so this has been really useful to me, thanks for sharing :)



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