29 Jan 2015

My Skincare Routine

What I use on my face, and why

Since I last wrote about my skincare regime, my skin has improved immensely. I rarely get breakouts (wahey!), and I've noticed my pores are less noticeable and less congested. The ZO regime was great for kicking my skin into gear and sorting those issues out. Now that my face is much more manageable (as in, I can walk out the house without foundation and NOT cringe when I see my reflection!) I needed to adapt my routine to something a little more gentle. Here's what I use:

Kicking off, I take my make up off with Clinique Take The Day Off. This is a real no-nonsense product that does what it says on the tin, and is gentle enough to use on the eye area as well, which makes everything 100x easier!

Kicking off the proper cleanse is the Kiels Calming Facial Cleanser. This feels great on my skin, and works perfectly with the Clinique Cleansing Brush. I went to the Kiels counter for a quick skin analysis and found that my skin was severely dehydrated! Which is a lesson for everyone - Listen to what your skin is telling you! I would recommend the Clinique brush to anyone looking for an affordable sonic system as it really works to help your skin absorb the product, and get rid of any dry patches or flakyness. I finish it off with the Kiels Ultra Facial Toner, which is lovely and gentle for dry skin. 

Next up, serums and moisturiser. I try not to over use the moisturiser, so I will maybe use this Kiels Ultra Facial Cream once at night, especially on any dry patches. It's a really great no-nonsense cream that helps lock in moisture, so it's great to use it at night while the skin repairs. After that I rub in Clinique Smart Serum. I've been trying this out for the past couple of months, and it's amazing! It's really helped with my red patches and just makes my skin GLOW. Its jam packed with key ingredients, and supposedly works by activating the ingredients that your skin needs. That sounds really futuristic and sci-fi to me, and I'm hella impressed at the difference it's made to my skin.

I also still use the ZO Exfoliating Polish and TE Acne Pads as and when I need to.

Finally, the treats. I've recently become obsessed with Aveda, so much so that I'm SO tempted to book a visit to their famous spa. I'm coming up to my mid-20's, and I feel like this is the time in my life I need to start thinking about eye creams. Aveda's botanical eye cream is my go-to to reduce that puffy/tired/zombie look I love to rock at a 9am start. I prefer something more natural for around the eye area, because the skin is so delicate there, so Aveda have come up trumps with this one! Two other treat products that I'm obsessed with are the Stress Fix Body Creme and the Hand Relief Serum. I suffer from dry skin and eczema, so there is literally nothing I enjoy better than slathering both these products on before bed. The Hand Relief works overnight to restore moisture, reduce lines and dark spots - and it smells absolutely incredible. Which brings me to the Stress Fix Body Creme, a soothing lavender smell, which really helps send me off to the land of nod after I've applied it. I want a life's supply of this, next to every bed I ever sleep in. Bliss!

Phew! This was a lengthy post, so well done if you got through it! What's your go-to skin saviours?



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