11 Oct 2014

The 'one' Foundation

It's my lobster.

Has anyone else trudged through life just waiting to find that perfect foundation? Ever since the tender age of about 14 when I used to slather Collection 2000's foundation on my face everyday - such a bad look, I didn't even get my skin tone right - I've been trying new brands, types and application methods in order to get that coveted perfect base.

I've found some goodens along the way. Bourjois' 123 Perfect stayed in my make-up routine for a year or so, as did Max Factor's Facefinity.

I've always had the problem of my foundation drying out my skin though, and I was getting SO sick of slathering my face in hydrating serums when I stumbled across Suqqu Foundation. Suqqu is a Japanese brand, which has a focus on natural beauty with a luxury edge. At the moment it's only available at Selfridges in the UK, and while it isn't the cheapest brand, a little of this foundation goes a long way. 

The foundation is so moisturising and glides on the skin so easily. I love the dewy finish that it gives my skin without making it greasy, and it's coverage is good enough to hide any redness or dull skin I might be suffering from. It's also the longest-lasting foundation I've ever tried, and gets me throughout the day without needing any touchups (Which is amazing, as I wouldn't have space for it in my bag anyway).
It also won the Harper's Bazaar Beauty Award for Best Foundation, so the pros seem to love it aswell!

The downfall of this product is the pricing. One jar will set you back £62, which could buy you a really fancy dinner out, four and a half MAC lipsticks, and probably a pet unicorn. I'm not gonna tell everyone to go out and buy this product because it IS a lot of money for a foundation, and everyone's skin needs a different base, but I will say that it will last you a long time, and would be great as a special occasion foundation for those who want to look extra-amazing every now and again. 

As for me, I'm hooked, and I'm never going back. 

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