24 Oct 2014

My ZO Skin Health Regime

I've not always been blessed with good skin.
All through my teens I was plagued with spots, blackheads, dryness and the dreaded shiny t-zone. While when I was younger I focused more on covering up these imperfections with a ridiculous amount of make-up, now I know better, and I know that a good skincare regime packed full of active ingredients is the key.

That's where the ZO Skin Health range comes in. You can get a kit tailored to your skin problems, with a range of products that you need to fill your skincare regime. I chose the Level 1 kit - which is for more minor skin complaints. There are more potent kits available for acne, pigmentation and ageing skin, but these would have been too intense for me!

Exfoliating Cleanser

The exfoliating cleanser is great for oily skin as it reduced excess oils without drying the skin. It has encapsulated Vitamin E which works as antioxidant to protect against free radicals. The thing I love about this is that it smells incredible, and feels so good on the skin that it's actually not a chore to cleanse. ZO recommend rubbing it in for a minute for maximum absorption into the skin. 

Exfoliating Polish

This is my absolute favourite product from the range. It's made up of very fine magnesium crystals, and it makes my skin SO smooth afterwards. It slews away the dead skin that can build up on the skin's surface, and helps fight away the dryness so I don't have to slather my skin in moisturiser.

Daily Power Defence

This is a daily cream you apply in the mornings. It has Retinol in it (a form of Vitamin A) and antioxidants to repair skin damage and keep skin looking healthy. It's really important to wear an SPF with anything that has retinol in it, which brings me to...

SPF + Primer

This is a great product - you can use it on it's own or as a primer and it keeps your skin protected from sun damage. It's slightly tinted, but it doesn't really show up once its rubbed in the skin, meaning you can wear it underneath your make-up without it looking caked-on.

Overall Impressions

I'm a month into my skin regime, and I have to be honest, I have noticed my skin seems to be lots better - my pores are less congested and any spots I've had are much smaller and go away after a day or two, compared with the huge everlasting ones I used to be plagued with. I'm teaming my regime with the ZO Skin Health TE Acne Pads (review coming soon) once every day or two, which has helped zap my zits! My skin does seem a lot dryer, but this is because my skin is still getting used to the active ingredients - combined with it getting used to keeping itself hydrated instead of relying on moisturising.  I'll keep you updated with how I get on in the next few months, but so far I would really recommend this range!

ZO Skin Health Range - Available from Face Clinic London

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