20 Oct 2014

Faking a fringe

I have a love/hate relationship with fringes
I always think I want one until have one, and then the daily styling of it wears me down and i admit defeat, growing it out again.

But I do love how they frame my face. See how love/hate it is? To stop myself reaching for the scissors, this clip in fringe (or winge) from Hairtrade  is the perfect solution. Hairtrade matched my dark brown hair colour near-perfectly, and it blends seamlessly with my real locks. It's made from real hair, and is really high quality - straightening it was just like straightening real hair, and it kept still in place for the whole day.

Great for updating my 'do while I grow my hair!

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1 comment

  1. When I saw the photos I didn't even realise that wasn't your real hair! Looks great!



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