17 Oct 2014

DiorSkin Star Selfies

As soon as I heard there was a foundation formulated specifically for taking selfies; I was on it like a car bonnet.


I literally can't stop taking selfies recently, and I will wholly admit to being so vain that I'm addicted to taking pictures of my own face. (It's 'cause I'm worth it, yo!)

So I got myself down to the Dior counter in Selfridges for a demonstration and a sample to take home to try myself.  Dior have spent years creating the light-diffusion technology, which is supposed to capture natural light on your face, eliminating that dull look and blurring lines and imperfections.

As they've marketed this foundation as the 'selfie foundation'; I figured the only way to properly review it would be via selfies - so it's bye bye DSLR and hello front-facing Iphone 5 camera. 

First of all, the foundation is so smooth and silky and glides on like a dream. I did find I needed a little more than my usual foundation for the right coverage, but it's quite easy to build it up to the coverage that's right for you. I love it's dewy finish - a lot of 'photo-ready' foundations can be quite matte and cakey but the DiorSkin Star gives a lovely finish.

As for the selfies go, I really do think Dior have lived up to their promise of creating a foundation that creates luminos, light looking skin, without being too shimmery or glowy. I'm not too sure about it's promises to hide my imperfections, as I still needed to use the DiorSkin Star Concealer (review coming soon!), and I can still see some redness and evidence of spotzilla on my face - but then again we can't have it all!



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  1. Wow this sounds so cool! Who doesn't love a good selfie ;)



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