24 Sep 2014

Blogger Bag

A cliche 'what's in my bag post...

...except I'm being quite dishonest, because if I showed you what's usually in my bag it would consist of old Benito's Hat reciepts, about 10 pounds in 2 pence pieces, seven pens, a lid to a perfume I lost months ago and 3 pairs of headphones.

I've wanted to do a bag post for ages, but put it off for the aforementioned reasons. But I went into Topshop yesterday for #FNO, with the intention of leaving with a shiny new handbag. And voila!

I think everyone's either a bag or a shoe person deep down, and as I pretty much live in trainers most of my life, I definitely veer towards bags! I love this simple design from Toppers, and it's big enough to hold all my essentials in, but not so massive that it ends up as my dumping ground!

So today seemed like like the perfect time to take some 'what's in my bag' snaps. And this was what was really in my bag today, and my daily essentials:

Mac Book Air

What are some of your daily essentials?

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  1. Lovely post, that bag is gorgeous :D I keep thinking I need to get round to making business cards for my blog :)



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