19 Apr 2014

One Skirt, Three Ways

Four day weekend! Wheyy. I hope everyone's stocking up on chocolate, enjoying what sunshine we have, and generally getting a bit messy.

The issue of bank holiday weekends, is that we try to cram so many frivolities into them that's they're impossibly hard to dress for. No one outfit is going to take you from lunch with Grandma to cheeky Sunday night drinks in Shoreditch. Luckily I've found the perfect piece to work with for a four day weekend. 


16 Apr 2014

Daring Double Denim

As a self proclaimed ironing board the phrase "Double D" has only ever meant one thing to me; Double Denim.


9 Apr 2014

I dunno about you, I'm feeling 22

"I threw down my dull dark jean and cardigan combo and said, 'Fuck it, I'm going to wear leggings as pants'"

3 Apr 2014

Girl Crush: Rainy Milo

With the music industry awash with youtube stars turned singer sensations, it's no wonder that undiscovered artists are turning to the internet to kick-start their careers. But my crush of the day, Rainy Milo, took a different approach to get herself noticed.

London gal Rainy started off blogging! Check out her Tumblr and it's awash with inspo - but these day's you'll also see her AMAZE GIF videos. Now, I love a good GIF (just don't ask me how to pronounce it), so I am obsessed with Rainy's music vids with a difference, and it helps that her music is just as awesome too! Check out the video for 'Deal Me Briefly' below: 


The Company Blogger Awards Are Back!

It's this time of year again! Last year I was so bloomin' lucky to be shortlisted for the Company Blogger Awards. I didn't win, but it turned out to be a lucky night for me as I found out I was a winner of #companygrads right there and then!

I'd love to be shortlisted again this year. It's been a hard year of blogging for me as I've had to balance working, interning with finding a full time job; but I've tried to stick at it because I love it so much.

If you're a fan of The Pretrender; please click the image below and nominate me for Best Fashion Blog!


2 Apr 2014

Why we all need to be more excited about Jem and the Holograms

Today my style icon is everyone's favourite 80's cartoon rock star. You got that right; it's Jem and the Holograms. Jem, aka  Jerrica Benton, was a character who was YEARS ahead of the trends. SXSW's wearable technology? Jem's earrings only controlled 'Synergy', a holographic computer which could change Jem's whole look in a micro second.

Want to steal Jem's 80's style? Here's my edit of the high street: 

The Fringed Bag

Jem's fringed belt was her go-to accessory; and this bag is the perfect way to channel the look.

Fringe Bag, Topshop

The Wrapped Jumpsuit

Jem's pink wrap dress was an on-stage staple; but this playsuit gives it a 21st centuary update.

Love Wrap Playsuit, Asos.com

The White Blazer

It wouldn't be the 80's without power dressing.

Blazer, Newlook

The Statement Jewellery

Jem's earrings may have held a super-computer, but this Funky Offish pair are just as awesome.

Earrings, Funky Offish 

The Kick-Ass Shoes

And of course, a pair of statement heels to finish the look; in Jem's favourite colour of course. Pink!

Boots, River Island
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