10 Mar 2014

Ten things I want to see in a Mean Girls Reunion

"That's why her hairs so big...it's full of secrets."

Across the globe, anyone who was a teen in 2004 is tittering with excitement. Drum roll please - it's the Mean Girls Reuinion! 

Lindsay Lohan, the girl we all love to watch crash and burn,  recently appeared on The Tonight Show, and dropped hints the gang were getting back together that were bigger than Gretchen Wieners hair. 

It's been a mammoth TEN years since Mean Girls hit our screens, and I've had all that time to think of what I want from a sequel (Mean Girls 2, you don't count) 

1. More Glen Coco. 

2 seconds of screentime, no lines, yet a character beloved by millions. I want more Glen Coco, and I want to know who sent him those four candy canes 

2. Rachel McAdams being a bitch

Since mean girls Rachel McAdams seemed to have only picked nice, sugar wouldn't melt, sweet girl roles. Bring back Regina George, and all her devious ways.

3. A dance routine

Because who didn't learn the moves to the Plastics Jingle Bell Rock? 

4. Lizzie Caplan Saying 'Crack'.

Say 'crack' again. I BEG YOU. 

5. Amy Poehler

I'd love to see how Regina's moms breast implants have fared after ten years. And I'm also anticipating the line 'I'm not a regular grandma, I'm a cool grandma'. 

6. More Damien singing 

Let's face it, we now all start 'Beautiful' with a whisper of 'don't look at me.'

7. Kevin G as a world famous rapper. 

Because we all still know the words. Ten years on. 

8. Aaron Samuels

Yes ladies, he's still hot. 

9. More linguistic creations

Fugly, Fetch, Gruel... Mean Girls gave us a whole new vocabulary. 

10. In fact, a whole script full of memorable quotes. 

We need the "She doesn't even go here!"  of the new decade people.



  1. LOVE THIS POST! how did I not know there might be reunion!? mean girls 2 was just shameful and should not be spoken of. I love all your points; especially have to agree with 2, 4 and 9


  2. Hahaha love this post! I completely agree and funnily enough I'm writing this comment whilst watching Mean Girls :D



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