6 Mar 2014

If you can't make it, fake it.

"Let's just say if I were in Rapunzel's shoes, I'd make sure I had a Netflix subscription  cause I wouldn't be getting rescued anytime soon."

For as long as I can remember I've had short hair. Not in the way some girls with shoulder length locks come back from the hairdressers bemoaning 'It's too short now!' - I'm talking pixie cut, close crop, practically buzz cut short. Let's just say if I were in Rapunzel's shoes, I'd make sure I had a Netflix subscription and back issues of Vogue - cause I wouldn't be getting rescued anytime soon. 

Last October I made the serious decision to grow my hair. Not that big a deal right? You just stop going to the hairdressers? Err wrong! Since I was 12 short hair was my thing. I was the first girl at school to go for the chop, and it became my defining feature. If anyone were to say 'Amy who?', the reply would usually go 'you know, with the short hair'.

There's something about a pixie crop that instills a ferocious, 'don't mess with me' level of confidence too. Sure there was the embarrassing year where I decided to go for an all-over super short look - my fringe was about half an inch long and teamed with my skinny figure I got mistaken for a boy about twice a day. But it soon grew out to a side-swept look, and there's something so liberating about not having a head of hair to hide behind. Albeit cold.

Nevertheless, I wanted to try out having 'long hair'. And a year and a half later I'm still, frustratingly going. But sometimes I get the urge to chop it all off again, and that's when I whip my clip in extensions out to motivate myself to keep going. Mine are by Babyliss, and they really help me remember why I'm growing it out - not only so I can experiment with hairstyles only fairy tale length hair can accommodate, but also so I can finally participate when 'Whip My Hair' comes on the radio. Duh.

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