7 Mar 2014

Flower Power

"Like so many trends, I've arrived on the nail art bandwagon a little late."

Like so many trends, I've arrived on the nail art bandwagon a little late, like I missed my alarm for work, breathless and eager to try anything to make up for my tardiness.

Ciate have always been a firm fave of mine in the nail art stakes. They're always innovative and kick start new trends for our talons. How many caviar manicure imitations are on the high street now? 

In the past few months I've tried all their kits. My nails have been velvet, sequined and foiled, adorned with feathers, chalkboards and caviar. But my all time favourite has to be the new flower manicure. 

Just in time for spring, the flower mani comes in two colors 'bada boom', a pastel blue with red and blue flowers, and 'strike a posy', which comes with a pink base coat with yellow and blue flower embellishments - a perfect colour combo for S/S14! 

I used Bobbi Brown's 'pink cloud' for a more natural base and used Ciates Speed Dry Top Coat to fix the flowers for a few statement nails. It's really easy when you get the hang of it - and none of the mess that a few of Ciate's other kits create. Caviar nails, I'm looking at you! 

Ciate Flower Mani, £18

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  1. These nails are adorable! Have you done them yourself??? Love them!


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