10 Mar 2014

5 Questions after watching the Chanel AW14 Show

chanel supermarket

Who stacked all those shelves, anyway?

Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel show finished off a long and gruelling fashion month, with level of spectacle we've come to love from the brand. This year, the setting took center stage. I think i've seen more tweets about the unusual catwalk than about the clothes - think classic Chanel tweed in a casual, almost sporty way. 

Yes, this was the year of the Chanel Supermarket. Needless to say, I LOVED the show. Karl sits on the throne as the king of fashion week and all others should bow down to him. But first, I've got a few questions.

What happened to all the food?
chanel supermarket

Re-creating a supermarket complete with all kinds of produce from spaghetti to jam must have been a feat in itself. Where did all the food come from, and where did it end up? If it was all real (see point 3), I'd like to think it was donated to the hungry - by which I mean the models.

Did Karl design all that packaging too?

Every tin, jar and bottle on those shelves had their own Chanel branded packing. Seriously. And not just the bog standard interlinked C's, this was foodie graphic design at it's most fashionable. I love to picture Karl hunched over the drawing board, trying to get the ketchup bottle label just right.

C'mon, are those really bottles of wine or are they all filled with water?

In the words of Scott Mills, Real or No Real? Yes, there were somethings like cartons of eggs that were 100% all their yolky glory, but c'mon, you're telling me all those custom glass bottles are really full of wine? A tenner says that most of them were full of air, or at best, water.

How long before Chanel shopping baskets are a reality?

Because I can't wait to see someone sporting one in the food halls of Selfridges.

Chanel branded legs of lamb? Really?

Enough said. 

Thanks Chanel, see you next season!

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  1. hahaha, I LOVE THIS POST! I thought the whole design of the catwalk was incredible, everything down to the details


  2. Haha, nice commentary. Lovedddd this show. Wish I could get my hands on some Chanel food packaging haha.


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