20 Oct 2013

The Elusive Winter Coat

I'm standing waiting for the tube when it hits me. The goose bumps on my arms, the foggy breath, and the uncontrollable shivers. I'm cold.

A shudder that has nothing to do with the rain comes over me. It's that time of year again, when I'm anxious, scared, and inexplicably come out in a cold sweat.

The weather turns, and I immediately panic, because it's time to buy a winter coat.

The perfect winter coat. That mythical creature I am constantly trying to hunt down.
 My own personal Moby Dick.

 Season after season it has eluded me, and not for want of trying! I have as much outerwear as I have seen winters, but I'd have better luck getting to Narnia through the coats in my wardrobe than finding one that I actually like.

There was the year I decided a vintage army jacket was the perfect way to wrap up. Beautifully grungy and 90s, but there was so much more it didn't go with than it did.
One year I tried the parka, but threw it to the back of wardrobe forlorn when I needed and failed look chic and professional.
 There’s the black quilted number that I could never wear with checks, lest I look like I'd escaped from the school trip.
The year of the duffel had me feeling like Paddington bear, and the next year I managed an entire northern winter in a flimsy leather jacket, which looked good - but I still remember the pneumonia.

Finding a coat that both looks good and keeps you worn is a nigh-impossible task. Even worse is finding one that takes you between seasons.
 My worst mistake is adhering to the trends of the moment. Yes that yellow caped number looked great four years ago, but I can hardly wear it now, when coats are long, tailored and pink, can I?

No, I need something smart, classy. Simple but still chic. And which can go with most items in my wardrobe. And that keeps me warm. I'd like pockets too, if it's not too much trouble.
 Oh sod it, I’ll be shivering on the platform till I can find a way to Narnia, where this mythical coat might exist.

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  1. Ami I love this! Too true. Reads so well. Miss Crossland/me as a future English teacher is proud! Haha.

    Kogers x


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