28 Oct 2013

Life's a Bleach

I've always wanted to foray in to the world of rainbow hair, but with naturally dark locks (and a naturally empty bank balance), I've always thought the task near impossible. Lucky for me, BLEACH London recently bought out a home range of bleaching kits and coloured dyes.

I'd never heard of BLEACH before I moved to London, but once I'd made Topshop's flagship store my second home, I heard murmuring's of a mythical hair salon on the bottom floor, which transformed boring barnets into multi-coloured mermaid hair. I never had the funds to go check it out for myself though (something to do with making Toppers my home away from home, no doubt) so I was over the moon when their home hair kits came out, especially when I saw the prices!

I used the DIY Dip Dye on my hair first, which admittedly, did turn a worrying shade of ginge. Luckily I'd purchased their Silver Shampoo, which has combated the orange tones and lightened it a bit. I use the shade Sea Punk over the bleached ends for a coloured dip-dye, and I love the outcome! It's slightly more prominent in real life, but overall it's quite a subtle effect. I've already got my eye on the rest of BLEACH London's range!

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  1. Gorgeous, subtle look! I'd love to go pink all over but don't have the guts - or the money for upkeep! The blue/green tone looks great on you though :)

    Love your blog :)
    Jennifer x



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