19 Sep 2013

A Pretrender's guide to Fashion Week

Day 1

It's day one of fashion week, and as I line up outside freemasons hall, I can't help but wonder why it always seems so much more glamorous from the outside.

Thanks to the ever predictable London weather, I'm soaked to the bone, my so-on-trend rainbow hair is dripping pink tear lines down my face, and my feet are killing me after getting lost down Covent Garden’s side streets.

The excitement of the shows overwhelm my misery though, and as we start heading in the doors, I'm full of speculation as to what we're about to see.

I'm here to see the Pinghe show, who is one of fashion scouts up and coming designers. Her label has been running for two years, so to have a show at fashion week is a tremendous achievement.

We pile around the catwalk, and I spot Laura Whitmore sitting front row. I instantly feel so much cooler, and get my camera out ready for the show to begin. The lights dim, and everyone stops chattering. When the first model steps out, I know instantly I'm going to love the collection. When I try to describe it later on, the two words that come out are “Georgian Gothic”. There’s leather and lace, and the hair is piled on top of the model’s heads in monochrome colours.

Then, quick as a flash, the show’s over. We walk over to the after –party, hoping to catch a glimpse of Poppy Delevinge, but alas, everyone else had the same idea.

“We’re completely over capacity,” a stressed out looking steward explains to us. A girl standing behind us scoffs with an air of  ‘don’t you know who I am?’.
“This is ridiculous. I can’t believe this.”
And she storms off. I look at my fellow blogger and shrug, we decide to go to Pizza Express instead.


It’s Saturday, and it seems everyone decided to skip a fancy dress party, and come to Somerset House.

Okay, I’m over exaggerating, but you would not believe the outfits some people are wearing. They don’t seem to be going anywhere either, just standing around, and I wonder if they’ve come here for the sole purpose to be photographed.

Photographers seem to be complying though, taking pictures of literally everything. The thing about fashion week that really annoys me is people snap your picture when you’re totally not prepared. I’m still trawling Google, terrified I’ll find a snap of myself with three chins.

In between shows I head to the cafĂ© with a friend for coffee, and to write up reviews. “Do you think they’d mind if I ate a sandwich?” I ask, looking at the staff. My mate looks at me incredulously.

“You bought a sandwich?”

“Yeah, its egg. I was going to eat it on the way here but I didn’t get a seat on the tube.” I have inexplicable fears about eating standing up.

“You bought an egg sandwich to Fashion Week?!

Day 5

I don't know how I've managed it but I'm sat on the front row at Emilio de la Morena. Front. Row. Frow.

 I keep glancing at the Stewards half expecting them to shoo me out of my seat, but they smile at me like I'm someone important. Three photographers take my photo, and someone asks to interview me. All four ask if I'm an editor, and look a little disappointed when I laugh nervously and say no.

If they were getting any cool vibes from my appearance, they've all but disappeared as soon as I open my bumbling mouth.
"So talk me through your outfit?"

I look down at my clothes like I've forgotten I'm wearing them.

"Err, I'm wearing this pink plaid skirt and trainers. Oh and a t-shirt?"

I can feel the presenters eyes on me, willing me to say something interesting, but I can't comply. All I can think about is how I'm dripping puddles on the catwalk - I've forgotten this season's must have accessory - the umbrella.

Thank god it's time for the show to start, and I'm joined in the Frow by Vogue writers and Hillary Alexander. And a two year old that's better dressed than me.

After the show my friend tweets me a screencap of the live stream. “There you are!” She says. I look closer. There I am indeed. Immortalized on the front row. I’m feeling pretty smug about myself, till the number 13 drives past and with a splash, snaps me back to reality. Back to obscurity it is then, at least until next season.



  1. This was really interesting!
    Loved it x

  2. So wanted to see the outfit you wearing when they asked you the questions. Your such a storyteller :)

  3. Your skirt is so gorgeous, the perfect colour!

    Rose xo



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