13 Aug 2013

#CompanyGrads Entry

I know a few people were curious, so here it is! This is my winning #CompanyGrads Entry. As you can see I tried very much to have fun with it!

8 Aug 2013

Gorgeous Couture Bloggers Edit

How fatasmical (totally a made up word, don't care!) is this dress from gorgeous couture? I'm constantly on the lookout for fashionable workwear, and this dress fits the bill in so many ways. First of all, I love the contrast paneling. Both are colours I don't really wear that often, so I was surprised to see how good they looked on. Secondly, it fits like a freaking dream. This isn't down to good luck - Gorgeous Couture offer a made to measure service, to make sure your dress fits you in all the right ways. It's fast become a must-wear in my wardrobe, I must admit. 

Now, bit of a life update! As regular readers of my blog now, I just moved to London. (Crazy!) It's amazing living and working (well, interning) here, but it means I am SUPER busy. I've been jumping from one internship to another, freelancing in-between, all the while working in a pub 3 nights a week and applying for 'proper' jobs in my spare time. At the moment a normal week for me is a 7-day working week, with at least 1 or 2 days working 12+ hours. Which is bad news for blogging, as, I'm sure you've been able to tell has taken a back seat. 

Don't despair though- I'm not quitting! Just a warning that I'm not gonna be able to update as often as I used to, but please bear with me while I get settled in the city!
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