16 Jul 2013

The Vintage Cosmetics Company

After meeting the lovely ladies from the Vintage CosmeticsCompany at the Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards, they got in touch to offer me the chance to review their latest range for boots! I’m actually becoming more of a make-up person as of late (I now own four different eyeshadows – shocker!) I was excited to see what this ‘make-up brush malarky’ was all about.

Confession time, I’d not actually used proper make up brushes before now. I’ve been very much a hands on girl when it comes to applying my make up, and I must admit I’ve been SO confused in the aisles of Boots whenever I approached the brushes section (WTF is a stippling brush anyway?) that I’ve just backed away in despair.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company’s brushes come in such gorgeous packaging that they managed not to scare me off however! I almost didn’t want to open them they looked so pretty. I’ve been using them for a good month now, and I must say I’m a woman transformed. I don’t know how I managed without them! The biggest plus is not having ‘foundation hands’ from where I’ve been ferociously blending in, as the foundation brush does it easily. That’s my fave, along with the double bristled powder brush because it’s SO soft, it’s like brushing feathers, or a really soft kitten over my face. (Disclaimer, no kittens were harmed in the making of this review.)

Another fave is the eyelash curler – I’ve seen these before but never really used them as I’ve never forgotten the urban ledgend of the girl who managed to pull all her eyelashes out using one! Luckily this never happened to me, and I was left with super long looking eyelashes instead.

Before I braved the curlers I tried out the new range of falsies. I’m not normally one to wear fake eyelashes, but some of the range were really subtle and gave just the right amount of extra volume and length. I’m working my way up to some of the more dramatic lashes!

The new range from the Vintage Cosmetics Company is now available in Boots.


  1. I know what you mean about the make-up brushes confusion! Foundation brushes seem like a really good investment though, smoother coverage and not smearing beige on everything i touch :)
    jess x

  2. Well I still use my brushes in the wrong way... but as long as it works for me, is all good :)
    check out my latest look:http://www.fashionglow.ro/?p=3210


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