13 Jul 2013


It’s no secret that the fashion industry is a competitive business to get into, especially starting at the bottom. You need experience to get work experience these days, and with hoards of girls clambering for the same opportunities, it’s a bit daunting to try and get your leg in the door! I’ve been lucky enough this summer to get placements on both Look and Reveal, as well as #CompanyGrads later this month (eeeee!).

I got both my placements due to cancellations, so they were very last minute. On Look, another girl was a last minute booking like me, while two other interns had had their spot booked months in advance – so it can go either way! In both instances I researched the magazine, found out who I needed to contact and wrote a kick-ass cover letter.

I’ve absolutely loved my time at both mags (I get to spend my day surrounded by clothes, who wouldn’t?!) and I’ve learnt a lot about how magazines are run, and been on some fabulous photo-shoots – and all without making one cup of tea!

First off, early mornings are KILLER. I’m a night-owl, in my student days a normal morning wouldn’t begin until at least 11am. With intern life, by that time I’m on my second caffeine drink of the day and surrounded by bags from Topshop (I did say I loved it, didn't I?) I know I’ll have to get used to it if I want a full time job, but some mornings I just want to sausage roll myself up in the duvet and not come out until it’s dark again outside.

As a fashion intern, the main responsibility is usually looking after the fashion cupboard. This is both heaven and hell for me, as I’m surrounded by beautiful clothes and shoes, as well as getting a preview of what’s in the shops next season! The hell part comes in the form of my dwindling bank balance and the knowledge that I’ll never be able to afford half the stuff I’ve fallen in love with.

There’s a lovely satisfaction that comes when you’ve spent all morning making the cupboard look lovely and tidy, with the shoes lined up and clothes all hanging on the right rails – something that is quickly whisked away when a new delivery comes in after lunch! I honestly don’t know where we found space for all the pieces that come in for shoots sometimes, I think the fashion cupboard at Reveal especially had secret Doctor-Who “Bigger on the inside” logic as I don’t know how we managed to fit half the stuff in that we did!
Photoshoots themselves are so interesting; it’s really cool to see how the pictures in the magazine get created. You do most of the work before and after the shoot – unpacking and packing the clothes, laying accessories out and steaming the pieces to be shot.

And then once the clothes are back from the shoots, it’s the bane of every intern’s life, dreaded returns! I kid, it’s not too bad, but after seven straight hours you do feel like you want to cry if you see another press docket.

I’ve also been writing some stuff for the Reveal website, compiling links for Look’s Ipad edition, and generally doing odd jobs around either office! Yesterday was my last day at Reveal, and I have a glorious week off before starting #CompanyGrads.

Last tip of the day; watch out for the revolving door at Hearst. My clumsy self managed to trip up in it on my first day, great first impressions and all that…



  1. Oh dear the dreaded Hearst revolving door. My first day nerves and an icy pavement were not a good combo with it!

    Very jealous of your internships!

  2. Sounds like an amazing experience, thanks for sharing your insider tips :D



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