2 Apr 2013

Warby Parker Summer Collection

As you all know, I have to wear glasses for approximately 70% of my day to day life - I've got a huge aversion to contact lenses so you won't catch me sticking them in my eyes any time soon. So I'm always on the lookout for new stylish eye wear, because even though I'm wearing them for practical reasons, it doesn't mean my glasses can't look awesome.

Which is why my interest levels hit the roof when I heard about Warby Parker's new summer eye wear collection. 

"When we first started thinking about this collection, a few images came to mind: Jackson
Pollock splatter-painting outdoors, Norman Mailer brawling on an overgrown lawn,
Lee Radziwill sunning herself silly on an East Hampton beach. A vision of mid-century
Bohemia and weekend-long house parties inspired the collection."

The collection consists of a dozen frame shapes, all reminiscent of classic designs with lovely artistic twists, be it the gorgeous charcoal marble effect, or pops of bright color. Here's a selection of my favorites from the collection.

Boyd Marbled Charcoal

 Boyd Marbled Sand
Watts Bombay Blue

Ainsworth Elderberry

You can find the summer collection from Warby Parker on their Eyeglasses and Sunglasses pages.

What I love about Warby Parker is their "Buy a pair, give a pair" policy. For every pair of glasses sold, the company provides the funding or glasses for non-profit partners like Vision Spring. These partners then provide glasses and training to entrepreneurs in developing countries to help them start their own businesses, creating a livelihood and access to glasses to those who otherwise wouldn't have access. So when you buy your new sunnies or glasses, you're also doing your good deed for the day!

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  1. I love the watts bombay blue. they look so pretty and summery :)


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