5 Apr 2013

This is a girl's world.

I’ve actually changed when my husband said something’s not great.

The words of Nicole Kidman cut me like a knife when I read them in Grazia this week. Change your outfit just because your fella said so? I don’t know about you but that’s a huge no-no in my book, then again maybe that’s because I have always been the kind of girl who vehemently dresses for herself and no one else.

Indeed, now when I do ask boyfriend what dress he thinks I should wear, he refuses to answer, stating “You always choose the opposite of what I say anyway, so what’s the point?” He’s right though, but that’s always because he chooses the wrong dress ;)

A post on The Company Collective earlier this month got me thinking about all this. “Is fashion better when it pleases guys too? Or do you prefer it as a girl's world?” Personally, I think that most girls dress up nice for other girls, c'mon, get real.

What average guy is going to know that your graphic  print dress is sooo Mary Katrantzou or your head to toe pink ensemble is channeling Oscar de la Renta?

I spoke to boyfriend about this theory, and for once he agreed with me, “If girls dressed for men all the time, let me tell you this – they wouldn't be wearing much.” Frank, but true! (Though judging by the outfits seen down town on a Saturday night, some girls definitely still dress to impress guys, but shhh, don’t even get me started on that point!)

So was Nicole wrong to change when her hubby tells her to? If she thought she looked slammin’ in her choice, hell yeah! Girls – if you think you look great, then you look great, and if anyone tells you otherwise, then they’re obviously not as stylish as you ;)

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