15 Apr 2013

DIY: Bleached Tie-Dye Jeans

Like my jeans? Here's how you can make a pair of your own with only some string and some household bleach.


Firstly, take your old pair of jeans! Mine were a vomit-inducing shade of fuchsia, and I hadn't worn them in about a year.

Now, use the string to bunch up your jeans and tie them in place! (Elastic bands work just as well!) Don't worry about making it symmetrical, just do it as randomly as you like!

Now, go crazy and bundle your jeans up as tightly as possible and tie them up!

Mix your bleach with plenty of water and submerge your denim completely in them. Now wait! Depending on the colour of your jeans and the material  it could take any amount of time to get to your desired shade. I left mine in about a day and a half.

Volia! Here's my finished result. 


  1. Did you find that bleaching them shrunk them a bit? I've got a pair of white jeans that I wouldn't mind dying but they're a bit too baggy, so i'd love it if they shrank! These look so good! X

    justrach.com xo

    1. Slightly! though they were very old jeans so I might have grown too big for them also, aha

  2. I might have to do this just to hide a bleach stain I've already got on a pair of jeggings ;) haha

    Lulu - elyouelyou xx

  3. they are amazing! love your top too.


  4. great ideea!


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