28 Apr 2013

Barratts Shoes Review

Earlier this week, a scrumptious delivery came in the form of these shoes from Barratts! I never can resist a wedge, so when they got in touch asking if I'd review a pair of shoes for them, I decided on this huge pair! They make me feel like a giant, stomping around.

They're so high they'd make my mother gasp in outrage, but the fact that they're both wedges and platforms mean they're surprisingly easy to walk in. After some initial bambi style wobbling, I was scampering about in no time.

They're available on the website here, in black, white and pink! Barratts have some great heels in stock at the moment, and I'll be purchasing from them again.

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  1. They look gorgeous! Love Barratts!
    Fashion Ganache.


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