29 Apr 2013

More vintage styling!

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Confession time. 
I am a geek. Not in the ironic, statement tee wearing, fake glasses flashing way, but in a proper "oh my god did you see the new Thor: The Dark World" trailer way. It's time I properly confessed this. This is me, baring my true self. I am, as my boyf would describe me, "an absolute loser". I went to go see the last Harry Potter at midnight and totally regretted not dressing up. I got seriously offended when I went to the cinema to see Iron Man 2, and my date suggest I might be happier going to see the latest rom com. Needless to say, there wasn't a second date. I don't get annoyed when my boyf plays video games for hours on end, I actually get really into them too - who else thought the new Tomb Raider was all kinds of awesome? I signed up to Pottermore early and didn't get dissapointed when I didn't get Gryffindor house (I've got wit beyond measure apparently). I watch Doctor Who, not only for Matt smith but for the wobbly wobbly timey wimey spacey wacey aspects too. I'm close to being a female version of the guys from big bang theory if I don't watch out. But oddly enough I find myself caring less and less everyday. I'm finding the importance if being your yourself , and in my case , if it means I'm the best dressed person at Comic Con that's fine with me. 

My names Amy, and I'm a geek and proud of it. 

28 Apr 2013

Barratts Shoes Review

Earlier this week, a scrumptious delivery came in the form of these shoes from Barratts! I never can resist a wedge, so when they got in touch asking if I'd review a pair of shoes for them, I decided on this huge pair! They make me feel like a giant, stomping around.

They're so high they'd make my mother gasp in outrage, but the fact that they're both wedges and platforms mean they're surprisingly easy to walk in. After some initial bambi style wobbling, I was scampering about in no time.

They're available on the website here, in black, white and pink! Barratts have some great heels in stock at the moment, and I'll be purchasing from them again.

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27 Apr 2013


Doodlar is a very unique brand. Each month, a different cause is chosen to fund raise for, with one-off tee-shirt designs. I'm a huge supporter of helping charities through fashion, so I was extremely intrigued by this idea.

Doodlar was founded by Timothy Armoo, who is just 18! The basis behind the idea was that "the world sucks!", which I'm sure everyone has thought once in a while. But Tim took this one step further and decided to do something to "make the world suck less".

Doodlar was created as a way to get young people interested in fundraising, by taking fashion and mixing the two together, so you can help out a great cause, and get an awesome tee!

Each month a different charity teams up with Doodlar, who design one-off tees that are only available for that month - so if you see one you like, don't wait around! £5 from each shirt goes to the charity, and helps them fund specific projects. In the past they have helped build wells, and funded care packages to the victims of sex trafficking.

This month, Doodlar have teamed up with Operation Smile, to help children born with a cleft palate. They've come up with some really eye-catching designs, so check them out!


26 Apr 2013


Dress: Oh my love Jacket: Topshop

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25 Apr 2013

New Blogger Business Cards!

 Check out my new cards from Moo - I've gone for something a little more simple and clean this time. I had to update my old ones, because my email and my twitter username were out of date. It seems years ago when I ordered my old ones, and started this blog!

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24 Apr 2013

C'est Chic...Cat?

 C'mon guys, I can't be the only one who's sick of seeing the "Celine" tee absolutely everywhere. Usually teamed with disco pants, litas and a bowler hat. So when I saw this parody Feline Tee at Love From Misbehave I knew I had to have it. So when I got paid a little extra from bank holiday work I knew exactly what I was going to treat myself with! It's a super cheap £12, and as you can see I had a not-so-serious shoot wearing it the other day.


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23 Apr 2013

Jacket: Vintage Dress: Miss Selfridge


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22 Apr 2013

Vintage Styling

Today's outfit has been very 1940's inspired. I teamed the skirt I bought from Retro Rehab with my Oh My Love shirt - you know I can't resist an opportunity to clash prints! I was having a really bad hair day so I whipped a scarf I had lying around on my head to complete the retro look. Something very different from my usual style, I think!

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Yesterday I braved the rain and went to the North West Bloggers Meetup in Preston. Luckily I live ten minutes away from the city center, so I didn't have far to travel!

Here's what I wore:
Everything: Topshop!

We all met in the basement of Moka for a drink and a bite to eat before hitting the shops! 

The shops we visited were Retro Rehab and Coco Boo, both of which I'm ashamed to say I've never visited before.

I was naughty and bought a skirt from Retro Rehab! I feel bad for breaking my clothes ban, but it was a lovely vintage print and I couldn't resist!

After a cheeky trip to Primark and River Island, during the most torrential downpour of the day we ended up in Strictly Cupcakes, another first for me! I will deffo be dragging all my friends there, the cakes were lush!

 Kinder Bueno Cupcake and homemade lemonade

All in all, it was a wonderful day! It's so nice to meet other local bloggers and make some new friends. A massive thanks to Claire for organising everything!

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21 Apr 2013


To properly thank all my lovely followers, I've decided to do another giveaway! This is UK only, I'm afraid, as international shipping costs are too high for my student budget unfortunately!
This one is full of little bits and bobs I've been saving up for my next giveaway + the winner will also recieve a mystery goodie bag from Sister Vintage!

Here are the prizes:

 Tanning lotion + tanning mitt

 Colour Xtreme Blue Spray, Kleenex blotting sheets + Feather headband

 Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara, Lancome eye make up remover, Matte factor lipgloss + Maybellene 24hr Colour 

 Retro Rehab Earings + Liladees earings


A Benefit Most Glamorous Nudes eye kit!

To enter, use the rafflecopter widget below:

20 Apr 2013

Company Style Blogger Awards 2013!

Yesterday was a very exciting day! Firstly I was chosen as Company Magazine's Forum Blogger of the Week - yes, that's me on Company's website!!

  And the really exciting news is that I'm shortlisted in the Company Style Blog Awards! I was literally gobsmacked, I still cannot believe that my little blog is up for an award! So a big massive THANK YOU to everyone who nominated me, I love you all. I'm planning a little giveaway to celebrate and thank you all properly. So keep your eyes peeled for that!

So, here's the self-indulgent bit. Please, please, if you think I deserve it (and I hope you do!) go and vote for The Pretrender in the Company Style Blogger Awards. For the vote to count, you need to go through each category and put your email address in at the end. You can only use your email once, so use your votes wisely!


19 Apr 2013

Pretty Little Thing Bloggers Lunch

Last week I was invited to the Pretty Little Thing Bloggers Lunch! It was held in the extremely fancy Rosso Restaurant! The lovely guys from PLT greeted us with glasses of champagne to sip on as we pursued the S/S collection - and with the waiters on hand to top up our glasses, I'm sure I wasn't the only tipsy one by the end of the night! 

 Neon loveliness!

 I didn't stop talking about these shoes all day. Need them in my life!

 All the lovely bloggers at the event!

It was a really lovely event, Pretty Little Thing did a really good job of making everyone feel welcome, though I wasn't too sure on the Sambuca that kept being handed out! All the bloggers left with an item of their choosing from the site, and I chose this monochrome dress!

You can shop Pretty Little Thing's S/S on their website. I don't say this often, but I like pretty much everything on their website, and already have a wishlist for when I get paid! There's some great neon accessories for a pop of colour into a plain outfit, as well as some seriously fierce shoes! For the next two days they're also offering 30% off, so get clicking!

Images c/o Wingfield PR

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