25 Mar 2013

The great leggings debate.

Vivienne Westwood might be my number one fashion icon. I've spent many a shopping trip weeping over the price range of her clothes, contemplated (albeit not for long) on whether I could pull off her trademark orange hair, daydreamed about having conversations with her about tartan while the Sex Pistols played in the background. She's the kind of wacky, weird and wonderful I want to be when I'm in my seventies, and did I mention she's also a Dame?

So imagine how torn I was when I read this feature in Grazia where she 
 major trashed talked one of my favourite items of clothing - leggings. 

“It’s quite shocking actually how some people look! [They've got] these tights on, black tights with bare feet. They would look less vulgar and less pornographic if they were nude! Nudity is quite beautiful but these tights are so rude and vulgar and awful. I think it’s a horrible look, those little cheap dresses and these black tights underneath and bare feet and there she is pushing a pram down the street. They don’t look nice!”

Now Viv, I can level with you here. There are things about leggings I hate too. More than once I've been going about my business before coming to the shocking realization that the black leggings I've been waltzing around all day are secretly see through. Primark, I'm pointing a finger here, and it's squarely at you. I don't understand the need for some people to mix them with every single fashion fad - cut out leggings? Lace print leggings? And not forgetting, god forbid, studded leggings? I've had to double take when walking past many a girl wearing, wait for it, nude leggings, which couldn't even make Kate Moss not look awkwardly naked. Don't even get me started on jeggings, wet look leggings, or for crying out loud - meggings, loosely translated as "Leggings for men". No one wants to see your junk packed in something that tightly fitted, guys.

Now, I'm not exempt to the attraction of leggings. I'm quite accustomed to the idea of printed leggings, especially after discovering brand Lovely SallyI really don't know what it is, but rather than making my cower in fear, pairs like these laser space cat (I'm sorry can we stop and mention how incredible that name is? Laser Space Cat Leggings!) ones have me reaching for my purse instead.

Now, I'm aware most people wouldn't want to wear bottoms with images of cats shooting lasers out of their eyes. Many of you will probably now think I have gone insane, and perhaps I have, after being stuck in the library for two days in a row now. I think that was a bad example to start with, dear readers.. There are some more subtle types of printed leggings to show you, like: this Silent Smoke Pair.

My argument is, in short, leggings aren't all bad. They can be a proper statement piece while still offering the complete comfort and stretchy niceness that we've all come to know and love. C'mon, even Audrey Hepburn was partial to a pair, and she was the queen of elegance and overall chicness.

Now I'm off to try and find a jumpsuit with pictures of owls vomiting glitter, or something equally as absurd as those cat leggings.

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  1. I think leggings can look good if they're worn correctly. Like she said, NOT with with a dress. A long top is fine but not a dress. That just makes you look like a five year old. Also NOT as pants. No one needs to see that. Im personally not a fan of the patterned leggings. I dont think they're flattering on anyone, I've yet to see someone wearing a pair where I think wow that actually looks good. But thats just my personal opinion, I know a lot of people like the patterned leggings.

    1. Yeah, they've got to be with the right outift - hate when they've obvs been just slung on with anything!

  2. I think I agree with Westwood in the fact that leggings can look fantastically disastrous on certain people, however, the right leggings paired with a stylish top and fierce heels can look stunning. An important phrase to remember here is "it's not what you wear but how you wear it".

    Great post! I love the laser space cat leggings :)

    Jennifer x


  3. Laser space cat... brilliant! Love the silent smoke pair ;)

    Kylie x

  4. I completely get what Viv is saying (great quote by the way). I put black leggings on for the first time in a long time the other day and, to be honest, I felt weird!
    Some people wear them awfully, they've really become a wardrobe staple and a replacement for trousers!!

    I love Lovely Sally leggings, I quite like these horse ones ;) http://store.lovelysally.com/collections/leggings/products/the_majestic_horse


    1. Yes, lovelysally is great for statement leggings!

  5. These leggings are cool. Totally with you about nude leggings, though. I find them terrifying!


  6. Oh mother of god, the Laser Space Cat Leggings. I need. I need. The pain...


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