16 Mar 2013

Makeup Review and How To

Here's a first for me on this blog - I'm talking about make-up! I'm not usually a big make-up person, I like my statement lippie but that's usually all I splurge on. However, I got this benefit make-up set free with an ELLE subscription while I was at Fashion Weekend, the wonderfully named "Cabana Glama" and I love it so much that I'm terrified of it running out, because it's given me expensive taste!

Included in the set is: Hoola Bronzer, Posietint, Some kind of Gorgeous and a trio of eyeshadows. 

 So heres a before picture! Excuse the huge shadows underneath my eyes, they're a permanent fixture since my last semester at uni started!

et voila! I'd actually never used a bronzer before getting this kit, and I don't understand how I lived without it! It is a really good way to add colour to your face if you're prone to looking washed out like me, and the eyeshadows are beautifully natural and make your eyes pop! The Some Kind Of Gorgeous was a shade too dark for my skin tone, so I haven't been able to comment on that, unfortunately.

 Again, I would also love it if you could nominate The Pretrender in the Company Style Blogger Awards! I'm going for "Best Newcomer Personal Style Blogger", as my blog is less than a year old, and would really appreciate your nominations!


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