13 Mar 2013

Casual Fridays

I've been so super busy this past week! University seems determined to take over my life, as well as my dissertation, and what little free time I have had has been letting my brain recover by sitting in front of episodes of Girls. 

So a very quick outfit post is in order. One thing that frustrates me when I'm scouring through LookBook is that all the amazing outfits sometimes look so outlandish and "out-there" that I think, is that really what these girls wear in their day to day lives?

So I'm going to give you an insight into my run of the mill, grabbing anything from my wardrobe, casual dressing. I'm not going to show you what I wear on my real lazy days - mainly because I would like to keep my dignity and my leopard print pjyama shorts to myself, thank you very much.

When I dress for University, I never really put much thought into it because, nine times out of ten, I'm running late. Who schedules class at nine am on a Monday morning anyway? 

So it's usually a case of picking any two pieces that might go together, putting them on and hoping for the best. 

My main "grab it and go" article of clothing is a graphic tee. I have so many stashed away in my wardrobe, and they are such a godsend, because I find that they go with pretty much anything.


This Guns N Roses top from Amplified is my favourite, and I was surprised at how well it went with my floral trousers! I think I've found my new go-to outfit!

Top - Amplified Trousers- Topshop Blazer - Miss Selfridge

I would also love it if you could take the time to nominate my little blog in the Company Style Blogger Awards! I'm going for "Best Newcomer Personal Style Blogger", as my blog is less than a year old, and would really appreciate your nominations!



  1. I just looove your trousers! Stunning!


  2. Great trousers!

    Much love,
    Jennifer x


  3. Replies
    1. haha, they are my favourite things in the world!

  4. I've tagged you in a post - The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag - a few questions about beauty routines! Hope you can take part, if not then don't worry! Here's the link:


    Much love,
    Jennifer x



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