12 Feb 2013

Love/Hate Relationships

We've all had them. That pair of shoes that give you blisters whenever you walk more than five feet, yet you insist on wearing them all the time. The floaty skirt that you can't dance around it for fear of exposing your under-crackers to an entire nightclub. We all have clothes that despite our love for them, have one factor about them that can quickly turn that love into hate.

Mine's the playsuit.

I adore playsuits, I really do. Since they came back on the scene a few years ago I've had nothing but love
for them. What's not to like? Looks like a dress but with the practicalities of shorts! I think they're a must have addition for any wardrobe, and have the added bonus of making you feel like you're in the world's most stylish romper suit.

This printed playsuit is from Boohoo.com. I was lucky enough to win £100 credit last month, and as I didn't see it being an official breaking of my spending ban, I ordered a couple of goodies!

What I love about this particular playsuit:

1 - The pattern is great! I love the geometric monochrome, sort of obscure zebra print. Stripes are big for spring, and this captures the trend in an off-key, subtle way.

2- The fit is perfect, many playsuits I've tried are either too tight on the bottom half, or too baggy on the top, both of which tend to be unflattering on my obscure body shape. This one however is loose on the shorts but fitted up top, which defines my waist perfectly!

However, with every love/hate relationship comes the flip side, and I'm gonna lay it down now. (That sentence sounded like something from a bad Kelis song... awkward.)

They're so goddam difficult to go to the loo in! Seriously, why make it so you have to get half naked in the bathroom stall? Every trip to the little girls room has to be meticulously planned, because the last thing in the world you need is to be desperate for a pee and have to struggle with a zip as fast as you can - Side note, this can result in falling over if you've had six one or two too many margaritas. Even worse if you're somewhere that's freezing, like the entirety of the North West, and you have to take all your layers off to go to the bathroom.

I know deep inside that there is no solution to this problem, but it's just one of those annoyances even the best pieces have sometimes. I know people would ask me, why do you still wear them if it annoys you that much?

Standard girl answer - Because they're so pretty!

Shirt- Miss Selfridge Playsuit- BooHoo Collar - c/o Daisy Street



  1. 100% agree I bloody love playsuits but often don't wear them because of the loo situ! This one looks gorgeous on you though, so I guess we have to suffer for fashion X

  2. I totally love your playsuit! Its super cute plus I adore prints. Love how you have styled it, looks great:) x


  3. I love the print on the playsuit. Such a cool outfit

  4. You look gorgeous and I love this ensemble! :)


  5. I adore playsuits as well, especially the one you are wearing <3


  6. You look great in this!!
    You've got yourself a new follower.


  7. Lovee this outfit and the red lipstick goes very well with it!

    Feel free to follow and comment

  8. i love your pixie hair cut<3 and your stylin' is so awesome. i'm a new follower~


  9. That's so true! Same goes for jumpsuits which I love for homewear but you just strip down everything just to take a pee! Love your writing and your style's so cute, new follower right here :)


  10. You're so cute! <3 And I love love this print.


  11. I love this look !!! great blog dear, followed!


  12. Hi! Just have to say I really like your blog! Found it through IFB. I'm a fan!



  13. cute look!!!

  14. hey i'm now following you because of your reaction on my chictopia forum ;) so follow me back


    like the outfit by the way xx


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