28 Feb 2013

27 Feb 2013

Wednesday Ways to Wear: Monochrome

Hi guys! Here's the first of my new weekly posts, the beautifully alliterated "Wednesday Ways to Wear". It's like a OOTD post with a twist, I'm going to take one item or trend and show you different ways to style it.

This weeks trend is Monochrome!

As you know, mono is already out on the high street in full force, and it's the easiest trend to wear this season, because what doesn't go with black and white?

Look 1: Layering

Dress: Missguided

Look 2: Splash of Colour

Look 3: Studs and Leather
Skirt: Saints and Sinners, Preston.

My shirt is from a few seasons back in Primark, and it isn't on sale in stores anymore, but Missguided have a great striped shirt like the one I'm wearing available on their website!


12 Feb 2013

Love/Hate Relationships

We've all had them. That pair of shoes that give you blisters whenever you walk more than five feet, yet you insist on wearing them all the time. The floaty skirt that you can't dance around it for fear of exposing your under-crackers to an entire nightclub. We all have clothes that despite our love for them, have one factor about them that can quickly turn that love into hate.

Mine's the playsuit.

I adore playsuits, I really do. Since they came back on the scene a few years ago I've had nothing but love
for them. What's not to like? Looks like a dress but with the practicalities of shorts! I think they're a must have addition for any wardrobe, and have the added bonus of making you feel like you're in the world's most stylish romper suit.

This printed playsuit is from Boohoo.com. I was lucky enough to win £100 credit last month, and as I didn't see it being an official breaking of my spending ban, I ordered a couple of goodies!

What I love about this particular playsuit:

1 - The pattern is great! I love the geometric monochrome, sort of obscure zebra print. Stripes are big for spring, and this captures the trend in an off-key, subtle way.

2- The fit is perfect, many playsuits I've tried are either too tight on the bottom half, or too baggy on the top, both of which tend to be unflattering on my obscure body shape. This one however is loose on the shorts but fitted up top, which defines my waist perfectly!

However, with every love/hate relationship comes the flip side, and I'm gonna lay it down now. (That sentence sounded like something from a bad Kelis song... awkward.)

They're so goddam difficult to go to the loo in! Seriously, why make it so you have to get half naked in the bathroom stall? Every trip to the little girls room has to be meticulously planned, because the last thing in the world you need is to be desperate for a pee and have to struggle with a zip as fast as you can - Side note, this can result in falling over if you've had six one or two too many margaritas. Even worse if you're somewhere that's freezing, like the entirety of the North West, and you have to take all your layers off to go to the bathroom.

I know deep inside that there is no solution to this problem, but it's just one of those annoyances even the best pieces have sometimes. I know people would ask me, why do you still wear them if it annoys you that much?

Standard girl answer - Because they're so pretty!

Shirt- Miss Selfridge Playsuit- BooHoo Collar - c/o Daisy Street


8 Feb 2013

The Pretrender's guide to spring trends

Fashion week is here again! Yep, it's that time of year when my twitter feed is awash with show reports, street style and of course the obligatory, "What did 'insert name of celeb here' wear to 'insert name of fashion show'" posts. While this makes it phenomenally harder for me to find my dose of @EmergencyPuppy's posts (my main use for twitter these days with deadlines coming up), a great way to spend my evenings is reading show reports and passing judgement over New York, London, Paris and Milan's top designers while sat in my pajamas, eating chocolate and crying over the fact I didn't get a press pass this year.

So! As NYFW starts it off this week, I thought I'd recap over what Fashion Week brought us for S/S13, and my three favorite spring trends.

Marc Jacobs kicked things off in New York, with monochrome stripes, parallel lines, and graphic prints reminiscent of optical illusions that actually hurt my eyes to look at them for too long. In London we saw them coloured on shirt dresses and worked onto trouser-suits at Paul Smith. There were panelled stripes at Veronique Branquinho in Paris, and finally, they had a retro-feel in Milan, seen at Moschino Cheap and Chic. Stripes topped the list of trends across the globe during fashion week, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, you name it - If it’s got a stripe on it, you’ll be bang on trend, and if it’s black and white, even better.
This is one of the easiest trends to work over spring, as it can be as simple as a striped top over jeans. For the more daring, horizontally striped trousers are a bold way to wear it, and add inches to your height at the same time. Motel have a great pair that I am currently lusting over! Just be careful not to go too far with the mono colour palette, or you’ll look more Cruella de Ville than Cheap and Chic.

Dip-dye has been slowly making its way into our wardrobes (and our hair) for a few seasons now, and it’s going to stick around for spring. Dying had a large presence on the catwalk last Fashion Week. London favourite House of Holland featured dip-dyed prom dresses teamed with tie-dyed blazers that had a home-made, grunge feel about them that reminded me of the 90’s. Burberry Prorsum showed subtle ombre dyed pink and blue structured coats, whilst in Milan the clothes had an exotic look to them, we saw tie-dying at Versace, on colourful evening wrap dresses.
This is a trend that can be cheaply achieved (yay!), with a packet of clothes dye and any old clothes that perhaps need a bit of a this-season update – I plan on dying a few old dresses that have been at the back of my wardrobe since the dawn of time.
 For a tie-dye effect, bunch up your chosen fabric together with elastic bands before dying it; and for an ombre look, dip the bottom of your garment quickly into a bowl of dye, and then let the ends soak in it for about half an hour. I posted a DIYbleached demin guide way back in the day that can be adapted to dip dye!

Graphic Print
There was a stunning display of bold prints across the globe during fashion week. In London Louise Gray showcased a cartoon-like collection with graphic shapes and lines printed haphazardly on everything – which really shouldn’t work but it just does- and Michael van der Ham clashed print and colours together in a patchwork-like style. Issey Miyake showed us stripes again in Paris, this time mashed together in an array of colours and patterns. Meanwhile the Louis Vuitton show featured checks on everything – even the handbags!
Choose your prints in the brightest and boldest colours possible. Mix your prints for a brave take on the trend, or get printed separates to wear with a neutral colour.
Checks are a major trend this spring, seen at not only Louis Vuitton but also at Phillip Lim, Marc Jacobs and Balmain. They have also been seen on celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, Kirsten Dunst and Juno Temple. Monochrome checks have been the most popular so far, but pastel colours are also a fresh take on the trend.

Images from style.com


7 Feb 2013

Would you like to win £200 to spend at Urban Outfitters?

Hey guys! The lovely people over at Etail PR are offering one lucky blogger £200 to spend at Urban Outfitters!

To enter, simply write a blog post about the competition and email a link to bloggers@e-tailwebstores.com !

Good luck!

2 Feb 2013

Shoe Envy.

Something strange has happened to my feet recently. I realised this yesterday as I was limping around London. I’m finding it harder and harder to wear any sort of heel.

Over the summer, I could scamper around town in platforms, Litas, and shoes so high they made my mother wince with no problem. I have laughed at the challenge of heel-less platforms a-la Jeffery Campbell.  And these are no mean feats, because if you’ve been to Lincoln you’d know it’s the city built on cobbled streets.

Recently I’ve been only able to last a few hours in a club before admitting defeat and bringing the emergency flats out, which are a very battered pair of Topshop ballet shoes that have definitely seen better days. My Litas have been abandoned in my car after the last time I wore them I lost the feeling in my toes the entire night. I haven’t dared try to wear them since. And yesterday, wearing a pair of fairly small heeled cowboy boots I think I actually killed my feet. 

By the end of the day I was grumpily standing on a rush hour tube, scowling at a small child that was stood in front of the only empty seat on the train, ignoring her mother’s numerous orders of “sit back down!” Seriously, it should be a social convention that you should give up your seat to girls wearing inappropriate footwear.

I look at the fashion girls on campus who walk around in sky-scraper shoes to and from lecturers and I am mystified. They do not have expressions of never-ending agony on their faces like I would do. They breeze along, like they’re walking on air, whilst I stumble slowly, looking at the nearest bench with desperation.
I look on Lookbook.nu for fashion inspiration, and see girls wearing the biggest shoes I haveve ever encountered, with smiles of their faces instead of grimaces.

I think my new found aversion to anything that lifts my feet off the ground is a result of A) living in my high-tops over Christmas – they’re fur-lined and oh-so-cosy, and B) Driving more than I usually would because I live in the rainiest city in England (that’s an actual fact, I’m not being hyperbolic!) and therefore pretty much wearing flats every day. Once again, I’m blaming winter for skewering my fashion sense. I’ve come to the conclusion that much like birds fly south and hedgehogs hibernate, I revert into a comfort-over-style faze when the sun disappears for the season. Those Uggs are looking more and more tempting every day. 

Summer can’t come fast enough.
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