24 Jan 2013

Glitter and ear cuffs.

I'm sticking to my clothing ban, can you imagine! Despite great temptation - Glamour magazine, I'm looking at you and your fabulous outfit shoots - I haven't bought one item of new clothing! 

I did have a little moment in Topshop last week though, I popped in to see if they had any bowler hats left and saw a gorgeous skirt I had to determinedly look away from. There's a budgeting tip for you, don't look directly at pretty things. They will hypnotize you into buying them.

Anyway, they were out of bowler hats, so to soften the blow I had a browse of the jewelry sale and came out with a few lovely bargains.

I came out with a selection of ear cuffs, which I am actually loving, despite some initial hesitation, and some fierce spiked earrings that are huge and look a little like I've been impaled by something sharp, but maybe that's just my twisted fashion sense. 

Also this floral headband! It's got spikes on it again (I must have had a thing for them that day!), and beautiful flowers, and it's literally the prettiest thing I've ever had sat atop my head.

The skirt I'm wearing is a Christmas present! I did say I was going to drag my Christmas haul out! It was a present from boyfriend (which I picked out in store and tried on before letting him buy it, of course), from Miss Selfridge.  You've seen the top before, back in the early days of my blog!

It's a bit weird because the dipped hem is sooo long at the back, and more than one occasion I've been wearing it, felt it hit me at the back of the leg and thought I was walking around with loo roll stuck to my shoes! 

I wore it out to the student bar last Saturday on what was my first sober night out in a long time! You know money's tight when a student can't afford booze! It was actually not that bad, I only wanted to murder about 47% of the drunken idiots in there, and that was about the same percentage of people who shoved me out of their way during the night, plus the girls who thought it was appropriate to be slut-dropping in the middle of the bar queue and unwittingly grinded against me as I was innocently waiting for my diet coke. I don't know whether it's the fact I wasn't drinking that made me notice these things more, or if the place was just full of people with no concept of personal space.

Maybe my next sober night will be a less crowded one.

 Top- Topshop Skirt- Miss Selfridge



  1. I like the floral top:)


  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! Topshop at it's finest!

  3. Your hairpiece is so pretty.

  4. I love your top!! Your hair is super cool too.


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