31 Jan 2013

Jumping on the bandwagon

Check out my new bowler hat! I know I'm jumping on the bandwagon here as absolutely everyone is wearing them, but I can't help it, I adore it, and I haven't taken it off all day.

Hats are always tricky for me because I have such a weird head. And when I say weird  I mean huge. Anything other than a beanie always looks tiny on my big head, and I bought this online from Missguided so I was so worried it wasn't going to fit! But it did, crisis averted.

I'm wearing this outfit tomorrow for a trip to London!


28 Jan 2013

An ode to lost socks

I don't know about you, but I don't think I've worn a pair of matching socks in about four years. Which coincides with when I finally left the next and went out into the big bad world of doing your own laundry.

I don't know what happens, I really don't, but somewhere in the cycle from sock drawer (I say drawer to sound sophisticated, it's really just a box at the bottom of my wardrobe with tights and bras strewn all around it) and back, my socks get lost.

Now, my flat isn't exactly big. If there was a collection of mislaid socks I think I'd find it. So I can't comprehend  when I go to get a pair every morning, it is literally impossible to find a pair that match.

Have the washer and dryer conspired against me and are eating my footwear? Has boyfriend finally got sick of laundry duties and cut them into tiny pieces like a mad man? I do not know.  All I know is, the situation has become dire, and I've started having to wear his socks sometimes. And men's socks fall down my feet. A lot.

Not long ago I tried to fix the situation by buying a multi-pack of plain black socks. "Aha!" I thought. "If all the socks look the same, it will matter not if a pair gets parted during their adventures in the laundry bag!" Feeling smug about solving the problem, I went about my life, free as a bird, unburdened by sock-related worries.

Until a week later, when I could only find 5 of the multi-pack in my possession. What use is two and a half pair of socks? It'd do fine until Wednesday, where the mix-and-matching would have to begin again!

So again, I am flabbergasted. I have come to the conclusion that there is a black hole in the bottom of my laundry bag, and my poor socks are now floating through deep space, never to see their matching pair again.

This never used to happen when my Mum did the laundry.

24 Jan 2013

Glitter and ear cuffs.

I'm sticking to my clothing ban, can you imagine! Despite great temptation - Glamour magazine, I'm looking at you and your fabulous outfit shoots - I haven't bought one item of new clothing! 

I did have a little moment in Topshop last week though, I popped in to see if they had any bowler hats left and saw a gorgeous skirt I had to determinedly look away from. There's a budgeting tip for you, don't look directly at pretty things. They will hypnotize you into buying them.

Anyway, they were out of bowler hats, so to soften the blow I had a browse of the jewelry sale and came out with a few lovely bargains.

I came out with a selection of ear cuffs, which I am actually loving, despite some initial hesitation, and some fierce spiked earrings that are huge and look a little like I've been impaled by something sharp, but maybe that's just my twisted fashion sense. 

Also this floral headband! It's got spikes on it again (I must have had a thing for them that day!), and beautiful flowers, and it's literally the prettiest thing I've ever had sat atop my head.

The skirt I'm wearing is a Christmas present! I did say I was going to drag my Christmas haul out! It was a present from boyfriend (which I picked out in store and tried on before letting him buy it, of course), from Miss Selfridge.  You've seen the top before, back in the early days of my blog!

It's a bit weird because the dipped hem is sooo long at the back, and more than one occasion I've been wearing it, felt it hit me at the back of the leg and thought I was walking around with loo roll stuck to my shoes! 

I wore it out to the student bar last Saturday on what was my first sober night out in a long time! You know money's tight when a student can't afford booze! It was actually not that bad, I only wanted to murder about 47% of the drunken idiots in there, and that was about the same percentage of people who shoved me out of their way during the night, plus the girls who thought it was appropriate to be slut-dropping in the middle of the bar queue and unwittingly grinded against me as I was innocently waiting for my diet coke. I don't know whether it's the fact I wasn't drinking that made me notice these things more, or if the place was just full of people with no concept of personal space.

Maybe my next sober night will be a less crowded one.

 Top- Topshop Skirt- Miss Selfridge


21 Jan 2013

Why I can't dress for cold weather.

My what lovely weather we're having! I kid, of course. It's freaking freezing. Here's something everyone knows about me - I hate cold weather! As soon as autumn is over I'm full of despair as I know for the next few months I'm going to be bundled up into as many layers as humanly possible and looking like the abominable snowman.

It's not that I can't handle the cold, I can, it's just that for some unknown reason, as soon as I have to bundle up, all my fashion sense goes out the window. I have no day to day clothes suitable for this type of weather, because, when I buy clothes, the last thing on my mind is: "are they practical?". I have bundles of lovely shorts, tee-shirts and skirts, yet only one or two jumpers and cardigans.

Take today for instance, I woke up, decided that I would wear my new favourite floral pants, with a shirt and a jumper over the top, with my leather jacket. Fashionable yet warm, right? Wrong. As soon as I stepped outside I could feel the icicles forming on my head so I had to stick a hat on my head. My neon pink patterned bobble hat that I do love in way, but it looks like something Mrs. Weasley knitted.

I then put on my scarf because my nose was so cold I was starting to look like Rudolph, and I've never been the sort of person to have a matching set of anything - case in point, I have snowmen on one of my socks and the other is a lovely shade of maroon - so the only scarves I have do not go with aforementioned neon pink Weasley hat.

So there I go, trudging down the street, looking a little less fashionable than I would without the scarf and hat . However, after a trip into uni I walked into town with a friend for lunch, and by this time I was starting to realise that cropped trousers and ankle boots were not a good mix. My socks were slipping halfway down my feet and my ankles felt like I'd been soaking them in an ice bucket. Something had to be done, dear readers, and I almost don't want to tell you what happened next.

I had to get a pair of cheap ugg style boots.

Evil, evil shoes.

I hate these style of shoes with a passion. I think they look like slippers, I think they instantly make any outfit look like something Vicky Pollard would wear, and I think they all need to be shipped off to the nearest rubbish tip.

But, oh my lord, are they comfy.

I hate myself for it, but I needed something to keep my feet warm, and my little ankle boots weren't cutting it.  And they are so cosy, my feet felt like they were curled up in front of the fire with a good book. I'm dancing with the devil in fake sheepskin, and I'm afraid that I like it.

So now, my lovely outfit had been transformed, and I looked like an eskimo. And, never wear printed  trousers with boots that look like slippers, because they will make you look like you are wearing pjyamas.  I walked by someone I knew, and the first thing she said to me was: "Well don't you look....warm!" And so, I am unable to dress well in cold weather.

But goddammit, I was as snug as a bug in a rug.


14 Jan 2013

Floral Pants

Seeing as I'm on a clothing ban I'm going to do a slow reveal of everything I got for Christmas and in the sales. Maybe I'll make it a game, with every post I'll give clues to the next item and make you all guess in the comments. Maybe not, that sounds lame, anyway-  FLORAL PANTS.

I saw these when I was scrolling through the Topshop website at about 1am on Boxing day and I knew I had to have them. I don't think I'd actually seen them in store before, but they were really cheap in the sales so I popped down and bought them.

My only wish is that they were high-waisted, because if I had my way, everything in my wardrobe would be (As I've stated not once, but twice) but other than that they're a great alternate to my usual jeans or leggings. I've worn them so far with my Miss Selfridge sleeveless shirt and Primark Jumper, or just a plain white tee shirt. They also look really good with brogues!

Also I have new ink! It's a little hard to see but I finally got the upper arm tattoo I've wanted for years. This is my fourth and probably last piece of body art, and I'm still getting used to it! I keep waking up and seeing it and being very freaked out.

Trousers - Topshop. Shirt- Miss Selfridge. Jumper- Primark. 


11 Jan 2013

I'm Alive!

It has been forever since I have posted, and I apologies for this. I went home back to Lincoln for Christmas, and stupidly forgot my camera charger so I couldn't take any outfit posts! I've also been in a post-Christmas food coma. I've spent the majority of my break eating cheese and watching kids films. It's been divine.

Happy 2013! I've just about got over the fact that the year is not only an odd number,but number 13. I hope everyone had a fun new years that they can remember properly - after the 6th glass of wine mine got a little hazy.

As for new years resolutions - I've actually (kind of) made one this year. Unpacking my suitcase back up north I was actually suprised by the amount of clothes I have in my wardrobe that I just don't wear. I'm a huge impulse buyer, and there's so many things I've bought, worn once and then forgotten about.

No more!

I've given myself (shock-horror) a self-imposed clothing ban. That's right. With wanting to move to London after I graduate in the summer I need to find a way to save money. I know there's no way I'd be able to keep this up all year, so I've given myself until I finish uni in May - because fingers crossed I'll be having a lot of job interviews after that, and my formal wear currently consists of a single blazer.

How can a fashion blogger blog if she doesn't shop, I hear you ask? Well, I'm just going to dive into the unknown here and hope by the end of five months I haven't just posted the same outfit a million times. 

A small selection of what I've got to work with.

Here are the rules:

1. No buying clothes. No, "oh but it was on sale" or "But I really needed that dip-dye jumper!" (I really do need want a dip-dye jumper, this is going to be hell.)

2. Shoes and accessories are ok. I tend to spend all my money on actual clothes, and have bare minimum to accessorize  them with. I'm hoping that through this I'll realize I don't need an entire new outfit to change things up. (This rule has nothing to do with the fact I bought a pair of Chelsea boots from Primark today. Honest.)

3. Fancy dress outfits are ok to buy. I say this because being a student, you'd be surprised at how many themed birthday parties I've attended. 

4. If I crack, and I really really hope I don't, something else from my wardrobe will be given away or sold to replace it. This is to help to stick to my guns, as I really hate getting rid of clothes.

So, please wish me luck, as this is killing me already. I've been to town with friends twice already and had to stop myself buying things. I don't think I'll be able to set foot near Topshop without weeping, and flicking through a fashion magazine will no doubt induce shopping withdrawal symptoms. I must be crazy.
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