14 Dec 2012

Daisy Street Review!

Skirt: c/o Daisy Street. Tee: Ebay. Awkward face: All me, baby.

Hey! So remember my last post about the Daisy Street Blogger Christmas Party?! Of course you do, it's right below this one.

The skirt I chose to review came in the post this week! As I mentioned last time, it was so hard to choose just one thing from their new collection, but I finally settled on this skirt.

I love the quirkiness of the design, the little individual roses on it are all 3D. It's also quite structured, giving it a feminine fit.

I'm living in tee-shirts at the moment, and this Amplified AC DC top is a favorite right now. I like it with this skirt as the colours match, and I don't often co-ordinate my outfits - I'm rarely able to find a matching pair of socks!

The ring and earring that I'm wearing in this outfit are long lost pieces that I recovered last week. Don't you just love finding jewelry you forgot you had? The ring is by Henry Holland, and I believe the earring is from Topshop - I love the ear cuff detail, it's really a statement piece!

If you're interested in the Daisy Street Skirt, it can be found here, as well as the other pieces from their new collection. It's also available in black!



  1. Great outfit! I love the skirt :)


  2. I ADORE THIS SO MUCH OH YEAH! KILLER RING. I followed you. I hope you can check out my site: http://theproverbs.net and join if possible. So exciting! Thanks for your time :) keep posting. God bless,

    Steven B.

    1. Thanks for following! Ha, I love that ring so much, I was with my mum when I got it and she was flabbergasted (love that word) at how much i was spending on jewelry aha.

  3. I loveeeeee this outfit! You look so edgy! Definitely just earned yourself a new follower :)

    <3 Linnie,

  4. That skirt is really cute :)


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