19 Dec 2012

RIP Gossip Girl

This Monday, my favorite show on TV ended. You all know which one I'm talking about. XOXO, ring any bells?

That's right, the CW network's Gossip Girl finally ended after six seasons of the show. I literally have every box set. I have annual GG marathons where I sit in my pjyamas and cram as many episodes into one day as I can.

Now, I'm not going to waffle on about the plot inconsistencies, or how much I ship Chair, I want to talk about the CLOTHES. The clothes, the clothes, oh my god, the clothes. Did I mention the clothes?

Now Blake Lively might be a global superstar and married to one of the hottest guys in the universe, but in my eyes the biggest star of the show had to be the fashion.

Gossip Girl has been the cause of so much style envy, from Serena's not-quite-uniform Constance uniform, to Blair's headgear and Little J's...well everything (Except the raccoon eyes. Taylor Momsen, you can keep those).

So, in celebration, or in mourning, I haven't quite decided yet, of the show, I present my all time favorite outfits from across all six series.

Serena's 'school uniform' in seasons one and two was the cause of SO much envy. 

Ignoring the blatent fact that there's no way anyone could actually get away with wearing those outfits to school, those slouchy cardigans, knee high socks and loose ties helped school uniforms actually look stylish for once.

Serena's bridesmaid's dress. Need I say more? I wasn't a fan of the short version that Blair's minions wore, but that full length Vera Wang dress, OMG. For an episode centered around Blair's princess wedding, Serena's dress totally stole the show. Forget a white gown, I want to wear that dress on my wedding day. 

The George Chakra cage dress has got to be my favourite Serena outfit of all six seasons. It's so quirky, and summery, and I just want to scarper about Paris wearing it for the rest of my life.

I love the blazer, boater hat and brogues that the stylists paired it with, which edges it up a little bit and stops it looking a bit too feminine. 

Blair's style never really meshed with mine, her look is far too well put together for me to pull off! 

I did however fall in love with her prom dress, the peacock embroidery on the floor length gown put my pink cocktail prom choice to shame, and the Oscar de la Renta number from early season 4 was also a favourite. Definitely what I'd like to be wearing meeting a prince for the first time. 

Little J
 Oh, little Jenny Humphey. How your look changed drastically since season one. Looking back, you looked so sweet and innocent, who would have known you'd turn out to be the edgiest dresser of the upper east side?

My inner rock star want's Little J's entire wardrobe. She wore those stripper heels, fish net tights and mini skirts with a leather jacket thrown on top and STILL managed to look killer. My hat goes off to you, Taylor Momsen. If I was wearing one.


14 Dec 2012

Daisy Street Review!

Skirt: c/o Daisy Street. Tee: Ebay. Awkward face: All me, baby.

Hey! So remember my last post about the Daisy Street Blogger Christmas Party?! Of course you do, it's right below this one.

The skirt I chose to review came in the post this week! As I mentioned last time, it was so hard to choose just one thing from their new collection, but I finally settled on this skirt.

I love the quirkiness of the design, the little individual roses on it are all 3D. It's also quite structured, giving it a feminine fit.

I'm living in tee-shirts at the moment, and this Amplified AC DC top is a favorite right now. I like it with this skirt as the colours match, and I don't often co-ordinate my outfits - I'm rarely able to find a matching pair of socks!

The ring and earring that I'm wearing in this outfit are long lost pieces that I recovered last week. Don't you just love finding jewelry you forgot you had? The ring is by Henry Holland, and I believe the earring is from Topshop - I love the ear cuff detail, it's really a statement piece!

If you're interested in the Daisy Street Skirt, it can be found here, as well as the other pieces from their new collection. It's also available in black!


3 Dec 2012

Daisy Street Christmas Party!

So last week I hopped on a train to Manchester for the Daisy Street. Regular readers of my blog will know how much I love this brand, especially their shoes, so I was thrilled to be invited!

Daisy Street were showcasing some of their new collection - which all looks fabulous. I especially loved the fur coats they had in black, white and leopard print, and the Sequin Sleeve Military Jacket - as seen on Made In Chelsea's Millie!

Sorry about the quality of the photos, I only had my phone to document the night at it was rather dark!

The bloggers invited were lucky enough to get to choose an item from the collection for review, and as much as I loved the fur jackets, they wouldn't be very practical for the rainiest city in England, so I chose I beautiful  rose patterned skirt, that I cannot wait to arrive!

The Daisy Street Christmas party was fabulous, the guys from Daisy Street and Punk PR really put on a nice event, and it's so nice to have more fashion blogger parties going on up north!


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A good opportunity for those bloggers who still have their Christmas shopping to do!

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