23 Nov 2012

Love affair with Leather

I'm having a bit of a love affair with leather at the moment. Jackets, shorts, bow ties - if it comes in leather (or faux, as the case may be) you can be sure I'm lusting after it.

Which is why I had to have this leather skirt when I saw it in a local store. If you're from the North West, Saints and Sinners in the St. Georges Center is a wicked new shop. It stocks a lot of Glamorous clothing, as well as some smaller brands, and it's super affordable. I picked up this skirt for £18!

I love the skirt because it's a nice feminine fit, but the material and the studs on the waist-line, toughen it up, which suits my inner rock-chic!

I teamed it with this shirt from Miss Selfridge, which I've had a long time as it's one of my wardrobe must-haves. If you haven't already, go out and get yourself a good quality white shirt, because they go with absolutely everything! 

The collar guard is also from Miss Selfridge, a nice alternative to a necklace for something a little different!



13 Nov 2012

Firmoo Glasses Review

First off, apologies for not updating in a while! 
Uni's getting serious, with my dissertation proposal deadline just passed and even more deadlines coming up, and it just seems to take up all my time!

Recently I got sent a pair of glasses by the lovely people over at Firmoo to review! I must say the offer came at the best time for me, as I've started to drive and I'm forever leaving my glasses in my car, so an extra pair has come in so much use!

First off I'll mention that Firmoo offers a free pair of glasses to every new customer! While you still have to pay the shipping fee, it's pretty good value for a pair of glasses, especially if you're a student like me, and can't afford the high street optician's prices!

The glasses did take a while to arrive, but as they have to be made to fit your prescription and shipped from the US it's understandable.

The glasses come in a pretty durable case, which is good if you're forever leaving your glasses around, like me. Now I have a case I try to make sure I always put them back in it to protect them

The pair I ordered were an aviator frame, which I've never actually tried before. Luckily Firmoo has an online "trying on" feature, which lets you upload a photo and "try" the glasses on.

As far as the lenses go, I honestly think they're as good as my other pair of glasses, that were from a high street opticians. My prescription changed in-between glasses, so these are a little stronger than my previous pair. 

The only negative thing I can say is they do get smudged a lot quicker than other pairs of glasses. I don't know whether this is because the lenses are bigger than I'm used to though.

All in all, these a a quality pair of glasses, and I'd recommend Firmoo again! After all, you can't go wrong with a free pair if you're a new customer!

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