28 Aug 2012

Military Style

This camo jacket may be my new favourite thing in the world. I think it's actually taken over from my leather as my new favourite jacket!
This bad boy is a genuine vintage army jacket that I found on ebay. They're selling similar ones in Urban Outfitters at the moment, and I have wanted to get my hands on one for ages!
I think I'm going to DIY it up a little, there are random patches, where military badges obviously used to be and have been taken off, which need covering up. I was thinking of getting some band patches and studs to cover up these areas, what do you guys think?

I'm wearing it with one of my recent Romwe purchases. I wanted some more casual dresses, because the weather (was!) heating up a little, and I was getting a little sick of wearing shorts all the time.

I absolutly love this chiffon dress. It's cut-out at the waist, a feature I love because it shows off my rib tattoo! It's got a dipped hemline, and I've been hesitating about getting a skirt in that cut, but after wearing this dress I really want one!

The people as geeky as me out there might recognise the badge on my jacket. Yes, I bought an "order of the phoenix" badge at the Harry Potter Tour!

I also got a Ravenclaw scarf, because it's the best house, and I love Luna Lovegood!

Jacket, Ebay, Dress, Romwe, Necklace and Ring, Newlook, Scarf and Badge, Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Oh and before I forget, My Giveaway is officially over, and the winner is........(Drumrole please!)

Dianne Hanson!!

Congrats Dianne, and I will be getting in touch this week about sending you your prize!


Liebster Award


I have finally got around to posting about the Liebster award! For those of you that don't know, the Liebster Award is something passed from blogger to blogger to help each other get more exposure!

I got nominated for it by two lovely bloggers, Beccy from I Spy Through The Keyhole, and Megan from Rooftop Fashion. Go check out their blogs guys!

And now for the Rules:

Each person must post 11 things about themselves.

Answer the 11 questions the person giving the award has set for you.

Create 11 questions for the people you will be giving the award to

Choose 11 people to award, with less than 200 followers and send them a link to your post.

Go to their page and tell them

So first up are the 11 Questions from Megan!

1. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

At the moment it's my camo jacket!

2. Are you tickle-ish? If so where?

Literally everywhere.

3. What fashion trend this year do you love and which do you hate?

I really like the dipped hemline/mullet skirt trend, and I'm not really a fan of the midi-skirt trend.

4. If you could travel the world, where would be the first place you visit?

The USA.

5. If you could choose between money or happiness what would it be?

Happiness! (But who's to say money can't bring me happiness?)

6. If you could have chosen your own name, what name would you have chosen?

Ooh this is tricky. I think I would have liked something unusual, or named after someone. But I like my name ok.

7. What is your favorite animal?


8. What is your dream job?

I'd love to write for Company Magazine.`

9. If you won £1million would stay/become jobless or would you go to work?

If I had a decent job, I'd go to work!

10. What is your favaourite nail varnish colour?


11. Do you think you could go a month without modern day technology?

If I had to, I could.

The 11 questions from Beccy:

1. Who is your favourite designer?
Betsey Johnson

2.Favourite life quote or moto you live by?

I don't really live by a quote, but I just try to live happy.

3.Got a Party trick?

I'm afraid not!

4.Why did you set up a blog?

Mainly to help me with graduate job opportunities.

5.Future Career? Spill what do you want to be?

Anything in fashion magazines!

6.Funniest thing that has happened recently?

Most of my funny stories include me falling over when im drunk!

7.Scenario.. right so there is a fire; you can only save one thing, what is it?

Can I say my wardrobe?

8.What are you spending your next pay cheque on?

I'm moving flat next month, so it will be all boring kitchen utensils.

9.Would you rather have a green nose or a green mole on your tongue?

Baha. I think I could rock a green nose.

10.Your BEST style/make-up/both tip?

Always take your make up off after a night out. (this is a tip I need to pay more attention to!)

11.If I said I will buy you one designer item, and one only, what would it be?

A chanel bag!

And now my questions for nominees!

1. If you won the lottery, what's the first thing you would buy?

2. What item of clothing couldn't you live without?

3.Do you prefer skirts or shorts?

4. What's your favourite season for fashion?

5. What's your dream job?

6. What's your favourite fashion magazine?

7. How did you get into blogging?

8. Favourite fashion icon?

9. Favourite fictional character?

10. If you could wear only one designer's clothes, who would it be?

11. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

And for my nominees -







25 Aug 2012


So here we are, at the last of my collaborative posts, and this time I'm writing about shoes!
I've been asked to blog about the collections over at Wide Fitting Shoes.
Their website stocks shoes from major shoe brands, like Clarks, Hush Puppies, Buckles and Bows and Viva la Diva.
It also has handy size guides to find the perfect fit, and advice guides for any problems with your shoes you might face.
These Wedge Boots remind me a lot of the 'Hidden Wedge Trainers' that I've seen about a lot recently, since Isabel Marant debued her "Willow" trainers.
These ones are only a fraction of the price, at £40, they're more than affordable. I'd wear these with a dark pair of tapered trousers and a white shirt for a chic look, or with skinnies and a white tee for something a little more casual.
I saw these Cowboy boots and screamed a little in excitement, because a pair of good quality, brown cowboy boots have been on my wish list for absolutly ages! I don't know what it is about cowboy boots but I love them, with dresses, with leggings, with jeans, I think they give a cool factor to any outfit when you put them on! This pair is a little expensive at £70, but they are real leather boots, and you can get them in either tan or black. I'd wear these with nearly everything, to be honest - but I think they'd look great with a floaty floral dress and a denim jacket.
So they're my choices from Wide Fitting Shoes' website, and that's the last of this series of collabrative posts! I hope you've enjoyed them!
Next up I want to show you guys my photo's from the Harry Potter Studio Tour (because I'm a massive geek!), and I've bought a few new dresses and clothes, so expect a few more outfit posts


24 Aug 2012

Plus Sized Party Dresses

For my third collaborative post, I've been asked to write about Plus Sized Party Dresses. I'll be picking a few of my favourite dresses from their collection, and giving you styling tips and ideas!

First up is this Print Maxi Dress by Anna Scholz. If you haven't heard of Anna Scholz, she's a plus size fashion designer, and has launched collections for Designers at Debenams, Simply Be, and Bloomingdales. Anyone in the UK might remember her from being on "Mary Queen of Shops" with Mary Portas!
I'm normally wary of all over leopard print, but I am fond of this dress! I think because it's mainly a black and white print, it works. The ruffling detail down the front makes it sliming, and also brings attention to the bust if you want to show off your boobs!
Like the model in the image, I think plain wedges would look great with this, or a gladiator sandal. I think a bold tribal necklace in gold would also look fab.
This maxi dress is available either strapless, or with straps.

This Print Midi Dress in pink also caught my eye! It's also designed by Anna Scholz, it has a V-neck top, and gathers in below the bust, which helps show of curves!
Because this dress it quite girly, I'd be inclined to rock it up a little with some black shoe boot heels, a studded bracelet and some super dark eyes, but it would also look great with pink or gold accessories.
Finally, this Pink Maxi Dress by Fashion World would be great for anyone taking a last minute holiday! (And if you are, I'm so jealous, as I'm writing this it's raining cats and dogs outside yet again!)
It's a wrap style dress, and again it nips in at the waist, to give more shape.
This dress would look great at the beach, as a cover-up over your bikini, and you can also wear it at night, just swap flip-flops for heels, and add a pair of statement earings and a clutch.
That's it for party dresses! The next, and final collaborative post is going to be on shoes!

22 Aug 2012

Fashion World Catalouge

Hi guys! So this is my second collaborative post, and this time I'm looking at Fashion World's Clothes Catalogues.
Fashion World focus on sizes 12-32, and offer very afforable on trend pieces!
They have some pretty useful filters for viewing clothes, such as "Weekly Deals" "Value Shop" as well as being able to shop for your body shape.
I've picked out a few of my favourite pieces from the collection, starting with:
The Peplum Dress. £49
Peplum has been on trend for a while now, and while I was unsure at first, I really love it at the moment! It's a great way to create a tucked-in waist, and is really flattering! This twist on the Little Black Dress is a great way to wear the trend, and as it comes down to just above the knee, you could wear this for work or nights out! I'd wear this with some bright heels and some pink lippie!
Next up:
I love this monochrome chiffon dress, it's so floaty and pretty! It's light enough for the lovely warm weather we're having at the moment. It comes with a skinny belt to help define the waist, and the collar draws the attention to the top. Adding a collar chain with this dress is a quirky way to accessorise it, and is something a bit different than wearing a necklace.  Shoe wise, I'd pair this with a pair of dark coloured brogues, or some ballet flats.
Last but not least:
This playsuit has an elasticated seamed waist, so again its great for enhancing curves. With gold embellished pockets, it's great for wearing day or night. For day I'd wear this with gladiator sandals, and a pair of black shoe boots for night. It would also be great for wearing over a bikini if you're off on a last minute holiday! This playsuit is available in black, or leopard print if you're feeling a little more daring!
Fashion World offer a 10% discount on your first order, and are also doing a competion at the moment to win a shopping spree for yourself and your friends, so get entering over at their facebook page!
Tomorrow I'll be looking at party dresses!


20 Aug 2012

Jeans by Marisota

A couple of days ago, I got offered the chance to collaborate with a few fashion brands, focusing on plus-sized clothing.
Now, I get a fair few comments on my blog and out and about that go something like this:
"I love your outfit, but I'm not skinny enough to wear something like that."
And I think to myself - Girls, you don't need to be skinny to look good!
So I thought this collaboration would be a good idea to show how you can get fashionable, affordable clothes for any size.

I'm going to do a series of blogs focusing on different brands and pieces, and today's topic is Jeans by Marisota.

Now, I had a fair few comments about my late Disco Pants (RIP, the zip fell off and they had to be returned) and while looking through Marisota's website, these wax look jeans.
There from Coleen Nolan's collection for Marisota, who some of you may recognise from Loose Women! These are a great alternative to the Disco Pant, and are available from sizes 10-32. I would team these with some kind of band tee-shirt and heels for a casual look.

Another pair of jeans that jumped out the page at me are these Coloured skinny jeans. Now that the sun seems to be shining more (Touch Wood!), I'm seeing a lot more colour in people's outfits. I think that coloured jeans are a great way to brighten a simple tee shirt and jeans outfit up. Bright jeans are a bit much for me, so I love this wine coloured pair, as they're quite muted, but will still stand out. Also available in sizes 10-32.

Mariasota Jeans are quite reasonably priced, between the prices of about £18 to about £40. That's about on par with most high street store prices. A part of the website that is quite useful is the "Figure Fixer" filter, letting you choose between "Tums" and "Bums".

So that's it for my first collaboration post! Over the next few days I'll be looking at Party Dresses and Shoes, and will also be posting about my visit to the Harry Potter Studio Tour!

13 Aug 2012

So a couple of weeks ago I got sent this limited edition T-Shirt, designed by This Is Rude for the Samsung Hope Relay. I'm a huge fan of This is rude, their designs are so bright and quirky!

To celebrate the London 2012 Olympics that have been on the past few weeks, I'm giving you guys the chance to win this limited edition T-shirt! It's a really fun design, and I think it would look great with printed leggings!

You can enter through Rafflecopter below:

Good luck!

8 Aug 2012

Business as usual!

Next month I'm attending FGN's Student and Graduate Recruitment Day, and as well as handing my CV around, I thought it was about time I got Business cards for this little blog.

After a lot of searching, and looking at lots of other blogger's cards, I decided to get mine printed from Moo.

Moo actually offer a free sample of your card, so I got 50 cards printed with my design for free (not including shipping). Which was pretty good, as money is a little tight at the moment!

Moo let you upload your own design, which I created in Photoshop, using my blog layout as inspiration (I can't get enough of Galaxy Print!). Unfortunatly I must have made a little mistake with the design, as my cards have a white strip at the top of them, but it's not that noticable, and hey, they were free!

How cute is the packaging?

It's so wierd having my face on a business card! 

So hopefully I'll be able to give a few of these out in future! I think they're going to come in handy, because I do get a lot of comments on my outfits, and people asking where I got certain pieces from, and it's a good way to get new readers!

And because I love you all, I'm sharing my 10% discount code for Moo!

The code is: TFENM9

And because you're so lucky, on my next post I'm hosting an exclusive givaway! So check back for the chance to win a limited edition Tee designed by This is Rude
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