11 Jun 2012

New Clothes Post

Ordered these aztec leggings from Boohoo.com a couple of days ago and they arrived yesterday! Love the aztec print, I think I might team it with a longer shirt next time though, as much as I love them I feel a bit self concious without being a little more covered up! I also bought a pair of galaxy print leggings too which I will post soon. 
My 'necklace' in this picture is actually an old headband that streched too big for my head, so I've been wearing it round my neck, with a collar to hide the elastic at the back.

I want to talk about my shoes for a moment! I have been lusting after a pair of Jeffery Campbell Litas, they're all over lookbook and I am a huge fan of big massive shoes. 
The pair I'm wearing are actually from Daisy Street Shoes and are actually the best replica Litas I found. I did purchase a pair from ebay but within a day the colour started chipping. I've only worn mine around the house so far, I'm still getting used to wobbling about in them! I don't think I'll risk these on a night out but they're perfect for going for a few drinks or everyday use if you want to make an impact.


  1. I love the tribal print leggings! Cant wait to see the galaxy print! That's a great idea to wear a headband!

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  2. Thanks - the galaxy print are soo nice, I'm just looking for a good outfit to pair them with!


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