6 Jun 2012

Bleaching denim!

I recently experimented with bleaching denim. As you can see from the above picture, not too shabby results! 
These shorts were originally a really fugly shade of hot pink, and looked like something you'd see on an eight year old, not a twenty year old. 
Before you start to question my sanity in purchasing them, you need to understand my longing for a pair of high waisted shorts that I could wear without tights, without exposing my ass to the world to see. 
(I know this is a popular trend from the amount of girls I see in said shorts, but I prefer for my bottom not to be on display)
So these shorts are the perfect fit, but stayed in my wardrobe while I thought about what to do about the hideous hot pink.
The long and short of it all (pun not intended) is that this pair has spent the last 48 hours stewing in a bleach solution in the kitchen and getting some really wierd looks from visitors.
The result is exactly what I wanted, slight tye-dye effect, but it looks good!

Shorts- New Look
Top - Urban Outfitters
Earings - Miss Selfridge


  1. I like your Blog Layout!! Hope you can check my blog too!

    Nice hair also <3


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