19 Dec 2012

RIP Gossip Girl

This Monday, my favorite show on TV ended. You all know which one I'm talking about. XOXO, ring any bells?

That's right, the CW network's Gossip Girl finally ended after six seasons of the show. I literally have every box set. I have annual GG marathons where I sit in my pjyamas and cram as many episodes into one day as I can.

Now, I'm not going to waffle on about the plot inconsistencies, or how much I ship Chair, I want to talk about the CLOTHES. The clothes, the clothes, oh my god, the clothes. Did I mention the clothes?

Now Blake Lively might be a global superstar and married to one of the hottest guys in the universe, but in my eyes the biggest star of the show had to be the fashion.

Gossip Girl has been the cause of so much style envy, from Serena's not-quite-uniform Constance uniform, to Blair's headgear and Little J's...well everything (Except the raccoon eyes. Taylor Momsen, you can keep those).

So, in celebration, or in mourning, I haven't quite decided yet, of the show, I present my all time favorite outfits from across all six series.

Serena's 'school uniform' in seasons one and two was the cause of SO much envy. 

Ignoring the blatent fact that there's no way anyone could actually get away with wearing those outfits to school, those slouchy cardigans, knee high socks and loose ties helped school uniforms actually look stylish for once.

Serena's bridesmaid's dress. Need I say more? I wasn't a fan of the short version that Blair's minions wore, but that full length Vera Wang dress, OMG. For an episode centered around Blair's princess wedding, Serena's dress totally stole the show. Forget a white gown, I want to wear that dress on my wedding day. 

The George Chakra cage dress has got to be my favourite Serena outfit of all six seasons. It's so quirky, and summery, and I just want to scarper about Paris wearing it for the rest of my life.

I love the blazer, boater hat and brogues that the stylists paired it with, which edges it up a little bit and stops it looking a bit too feminine. 

Blair's style never really meshed with mine, her look is far too well put together for me to pull off! 

I did however fall in love with her prom dress, the peacock embroidery on the floor length gown put my pink cocktail prom choice to shame, and the Oscar de la Renta number from early season 4 was also a favourite. Definitely what I'd like to be wearing meeting a prince for the first time. 

Little J
 Oh, little Jenny Humphey. How your look changed drastically since season one. Looking back, you looked so sweet and innocent, who would have known you'd turn out to be the edgiest dresser of the upper east side?

My inner rock star want's Little J's entire wardrobe. She wore those stripper heels, fish net tights and mini skirts with a leather jacket thrown on top and STILL managed to look killer. My hat goes off to you, Taylor Momsen. If I was wearing one.


14 Dec 2012

Daisy Street Review!

Skirt: c/o Daisy Street. Tee: Ebay. Awkward face: All me, baby.

Hey! So remember my last post about the Daisy Street Blogger Christmas Party?! Of course you do, it's right below this one.

The skirt I chose to review came in the post this week! As I mentioned last time, it was so hard to choose just one thing from their new collection, but I finally settled on this skirt.

I love the quirkiness of the design, the little individual roses on it are all 3D. It's also quite structured, giving it a feminine fit.

I'm living in tee-shirts at the moment, and this Amplified AC DC top is a favorite right now. I like it with this skirt as the colours match, and I don't often co-ordinate my outfits - I'm rarely able to find a matching pair of socks!

The ring and earring that I'm wearing in this outfit are long lost pieces that I recovered last week. Don't you just love finding jewelry you forgot you had? The ring is by Henry Holland, and I believe the earring is from Topshop - I love the ear cuff detail, it's really a statement piece!

If you're interested in the Daisy Street Skirt, it can be found here, as well as the other pieces from their new collection. It's also available in black!


3 Dec 2012

Daisy Street Christmas Party!

So last week I hopped on a train to Manchester for the Daisy Street. Regular readers of my blog will know how much I love this brand, especially their shoes, so I was thrilled to be invited!

Daisy Street were showcasing some of their new collection - which all looks fabulous. I especially loved the fur coats they had in black, white and leopard print, and the Sequin Sleeve Military Jacket - as seen on Made In Chelsea's Millie!

Sorry about the quality of the photos, I only had my phone to document the night at it was rather dark!

The bloggers invited were lucky enough to get to choose an item from the collection for review, and as much as I loved the fur jackets, they wouldn't be very practical for the rainiest city in England, so I chose I beautiful  rose patterned skirt, that I cannot wait to arrive!

The Daisy Street Christmas party was fabulous, the guys from Daisy Street and Punk PR really put on a nice event, and it's so nice to have more fashion blogger parties going on up north!


Bloggers! Want a £50 Amazon or Threadless Voucher?

Daxon are offering fashion bloggers a £50 voucher for Amazon or Threadless for joining their blogger network! Interested? All you have to do is visit this page and add their blogger network badge to your blog, write a short post about the opportunity, and then email katy@mediayeti.co.uk to receive your voucher!

A good opportunity for those bloggers who still have their Christmas shopping to do!


23 Nov 2012

Love affair with Leather

I'm having a bit of a love affair with leather at the moment. Jackets, shorts, bow ties - if it comes in leather (or faux, as the case may be) you can be sure I'm lusting after it.

Which is why I had to have this leather skirt when I saw it in a local store. If you're from the North West, Saints and Sinners in the St. Georges Center is a wicked new shop. It stocks a lot of Glamorous clothing, as well as some smaller brands, and it's super affordable. I picked up this skirt for £18!

I love the skirt because it's a nice feminine fit, but the material and the studs on the waist-line, toughen it up, which suits my inner rock-chic!

I teamed it with this shirt from Miss Selfridge, which I've had a long time as it's one of my wardrobe must-haves. If you haven't already, go out and get yourself a good quality white shirt, because they go with absolutely everything! 

The collar guard is also from Miss Selfridge, a nice alternative to a necklace for something a little different!



13 Nov 2012

Firmoo Glasses Review

First off, apologies for not updating in a while! 
Uni's getting serious, with my dissertation proposal deadline just passed and even more deadlines coming up, and it just seems to take up all my time!

Recently I got sent a pair of glasses by the lovely people over at Firmoo to review! I must say the offer came at the best time for me, as I've started to drive and I'm forever leaving my glasses in my car, so an extra pair has come in so much use!

First off I'll mention that Firmoo offers a free pair of glasses to every new customer! While you still have to pay the shipping fee, it's pretty good value for a pair of glasses, especially if you're a student like me, and can't afford the high street optician's prices!

The glasses did take a while to arrive, but as they have to be made to fit your prescription and shipped from the US it's understandable.

The glasses come in a pretty durable case, which is good if you're forever leaving your glasses around, like me. Now I have a case I try to make sure I always put them back in it to protect them

The pair I ordered were an aviator frame, which I've never actually tried before. Luckily Firmoo has an online "trying on" feature, which lets you upload a photo and "try" the glasses on.

As far as the lenses go, I honestly think they're as good as my other pair of glasses, that were from a high street opticians. My prescription changed in-between glasses, so these are a little stronger than my previous pair. 

The only negative thing I can say is they do get smudged a lot quicker than other pairs of glasses. I don't know whether this is because the lenses are bigger than I'm used to though.

All in all, these a a quality pair of glasses, and I'd recommend Firmoo again! After all, you can't go wrong with a free pair if you're a new customer!


24 Oct 2012

LBD cocktail party!

Canapes, Cocktails and chic dresses were on offer for the lucky fashion bloggers invited to the Little Black Dress Cocktail Party. Guests were invited to sip on the specially made “Little Black Dress Cocktail”, whilst getting first look at the new season’s collection, and viewing the exclusive unveiling of the “Ultimate LBD”.

Held in Manchester’s Photolink Studios, Team LBD put on the event exclusively for fashion bloggers in the North West. I spoke to Gemma, the Assistant Editor at Team LBD about the decision about putting on the event for just bloggers.

Fashion bloggers are the future of fashion in the press. It's easier to get a feel for a brand or a product when it's been trialed or seen or loved by a fashion blogger and Team LBD recognize this. Not to mention the reach and ease of blogs and their social media over usual forms of press. The Little Black Dress Cocktail Party was about launching Littleblackdress.co.uk in the North. We wanted to host this event to show fashion bloggers that we support them and want them to support us. We are growing rapidly and we want you to grow with us and for you to be able to say, 'I was there when it all began.'”

Image source: Littleblackdress.co.uk

The event launched the new “Ultimate LBD”. Designed by Hannah-Marie Hutchingson, who has designed dresses for celebrities such as Britney Spears and Cheryl Cole, the “Ultimate LBD” uses stretch fabric in the design, which helps flatter and fit all shapes and sizes. It also has a one-shoulder design, which gives a statement twist to the classic little black dress.

The clever folds and twists of The Ultimate LBD make it comfortable and figure-enhancing. And for a dress that can be worn so many different ways it's a real bargain!

Us lucky bloggers got complimentary make-overs from beauty students from Manchester College, choosing looks inspired by Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. We then got to try on clothes from the collections and have a photo-shoot!

We tried on the Rise Fashion Rochelle Dress, which was so flattering with a peplum shape and a mesh inlay. I also fell in love with the shoes LBD had on offer for us to try on, and am definatly going to invest in a pair of spiked heels come payday!

Team LBD has a history of working close with fashion bloggers throughout the year they've been up and running; such as collaborating through product reviews, brand histories, interviews and competitions. They’ve also set up ‘blogger challenges’, which Gemma described: “my favorite was '5 days, 1 LBD' where we set bloggers the task of wearing their favorite LBD for 5 days in 5 different ways, for different events/looks. It's amazing how versatile a black dress can be!”

Any fashion and beauty blogger who are interested in collaborating with Team LBD can contact Gemma at gemma.press@littleblackdress.co.uk


17 Oct 2012

Geek Chic

Just wanted to show off my new tee from Topshop! Had my eye on this for ages, and finally got my hands on it! I've teamed it here with my disco pants.

In other news, tomorrow night I will be attending Little Black Dress' press night to launch their new collection! I will be covering it all in my blog, so check back in a couple of days!

If your a fan of the graphic tee, here's a few I've chosen from the high street!


Graphic tee shirt, £12 / Truly Madly Deeply boyfriend tee, £21 / ASOS crew neck t shirt, £17 / T shirt, £22

3 Oct 2012

Bow Ties are cool

Bowties are cool, especially leather bow ties with studs!

Remember I told you guys I was heading to Manchester Fashion Network's Graduate and Student Recruitment Fair?

Well I spoke to a few people from different brands and companies, and managed to get myself a trial day as a PR intern!

It's tomorrow, and I am so nervous, but looking through my wardrobe I realized I have nothing suitable for a fashionable workday!

Cue a last minute shopping trip, where I got the above outfit. I don't often wear blue, but I think it works with the high waisted shorts and accessories.

Love the bow tie as much as I do? Here's my pick from the high street.

Top, Shorts and Rings - Miss Selfridge, Bow Tie - Topshop

2 Oct 2012


I'm so un-technological, I've only recently got a decent phone that can have instagram. But I've been using it for a few weeks, and I absolutely love it! My user name is amicav, if anyone wants to follow me I'll follow back! 

1. The beautiful Clarissa striking a pose 2. I got my new disco pants! 3. Favorite Ben and Jerry's ever. 4. New slippers, they're so comfy. 5. Outfit post! 6. Fortune cookie! 7. Love my new coca cola tee shirt
8. Doctor who! (does anyone else love it as much as me?) 9. Taken before a lovely meal at prezzos!

Comment with your instagram names!

27 Sep 2012

Win Louboutins!

Just a quickie!

Head to this link for a chance to win a pair of Christian Louboutins!



26 Sep 2012

LFW Recap

Oh my goodness, it's been to long since I posted!

Last week I moved into my new place and started back at uni so I've been super busy, sorting my flat out and getting into a routine again.

So I haven't had time to take any outfit pictures, but I wanted to post about my favorite collections at London Fashion Week.

First up, is Sass And Bide!

I knew as soon as I saw the first look that I was going to love this collection.

It was modernist with emphasis on structure and simple embellishments. I love the origami like details on the dresses, which make something that could be considered as plain into so much more.

There was play on masculine and feminine looks, inbetween floor length gowns and feathered mini dresses, tuxedo-like suits were showcased. It was a monochromatic feel, with black and white featuring predominantly, with only a brief flash of orange in the middle of the show.

I love the feather effect the detail on this white dress has.

The second to last look in the show was my favorite, the strong embellishments on the top contrasting nicely with the floaty skirt.

Louise Gray

I loved the Louise Gray for Topshop collection, so I was really anticipating this show and she didn't disappoint!

There was the usual mash of colour, pattern and texture, in a way that really shouldn't work, but it just  does.

There was a focus on geometric prints this season, in all kinds of colours. The boldness and clashing reminds me of japansese street style, something that could be seen in Fruits magazine, all layered up to showcase the different textures used.

I love the print and shape of this dress.

The layering with this dress and shirt is great, with a bold clash of colours.

Topshop Unique

Kate Phelan's designs were chic and clean, with a minimalist theme, and very wearable. Unique always offers an almost grown-up alternative to Topshop's other trend driven collections. The collection was mostly black and white, with an odd splash of yellow to brighten things up. There was a focus on transparent dresses, with blocks of opaque fabric to cover up. It was very tailored, with shift dresses and mini skirts accompanied with blazers and asymmetric cuts.

This layered dress was one of the best pieces, you could wear this straight off the runway and into a party!

Here a splash of yellow brightens up a monochromatic shift dress.

So theres my review of a handful of shows at LFW. If I blogged about every show I liked, it would be never ending!

As for me, I have my driving test tomorrow so I'm going to chill out for the night in preparation for that! Expect an outfit post within the next week!

All Images from Style.com


9 Sep 2012

Girlie days

If you've been reading my blog for a while, or follow me on lookbook, you might have noticed I don't exactly have the girliest style in the world.

I much prefer shorts and jeans to skirts, and I think I've got about a total of two pink things in my wardrobe.

But I saw pictures of this dress on Romwe and I absolutly fell in love, and it's pretty much the most feminine thing I own now.

The pictures don't really do the colour justice, its a mix between nude and soft pink and it's so floaty!

I've been teaming this with heeled boots and studded belts to rock it up a little, but it's fast becoming one of my favourite pieces.

In other news, I got a new phone! It's a HTC one and the camera on it is awesome! Now I'm into the 21st century I've linked it up to my twitter and instagram accounts, so make sure you follow me! @amicav on twitter, and amicav on instagram!

I'm moving house this week, so everything's very messy in my life at the moment, but I expect I'll update next week from my new pad!


28 Aug 2012

Military Style

This camo jacket may be my new favourite thing in the world. I think it's actually taken over from my leather as my new favourite jacket!
This bad boy is a genuine vintage army jacket that I found on ebay. They're selling similar ones in Urban Outfitters at the moment, and I have wanted to get my hands on one for ages!
I think I'm going to DIY it up a little, there are random patches, where military badges obviously used to be and have been taken off, which need covering up. I was thinking of getting some band patches and studs to cover up these areas, what do you guys think?

I'm wearing it with one of my recent Romwe purchases. I wanted some more casual dresses, because the weather (was!) heating up a little, and I was getting a little sick of wearing shorts all the time.

I absolutly love this chiffon dress. It's cut-out at the waist, a feature I love because it shows off my rib tattoo! It's got a dipped hemline, and I've been hesitating about getting a skirt in that cut, but after wearing this dress I really want one!

The people as geeky as me out there might recognise the badge on my jacket. Yes, I bought an "order of the phoenix" badge at the Harry Potter Tour!

I also got a Ravenclaw scarf, because it's the best house, and I love Luna Lovegood!

Jacket, Ebay, Dress, Romwe, Necklace and Ring, Newlook, Scarf and Badge, Harry Potter Studio Tour.

Oh and before I forget, My Giveaway is officially over, and the winner is........(Drumrole please!)

Dianne Hanson!!

Congrats Dianne, and I will be getting in touch this week about sending you your prize!

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